Saturday, March 5, 2011

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11am… Intro/Free Trial

10am WOD below: If today is a Wendler day, get a good warm up and hit it ASAP

21 Deadlifts (225, 155)
100 Barbell Hops
18 Deadlifts
100 Barbell Hops
15 Deadlifts
100 Barbell Hops
12 Deadlifts
100 Barbell Hops

Barbell Hops are a lateral jump over the bar.  Every jump counts as a rep, so over and back = 2 reps.

Post Scores to Comments.

So I have a question for you. When you are coming to our facility, are you coming in with the proper attitude? Which picture would you associate yourself with??



  1. Deadlifts on my off day? Maaaaan!

  2. how bout come in with the heart of a lion and leave meowing like a pussy cat… lol i think it’s a trick question lol

  3. wod: 17:26 i believe, did 95 on deadlifts,did step ups for most instead of jumping, split 2 rounds half and half, definitely a hard one.. great crew there this morning, it’s awesome to see!!

    • The Saturdays are getting busy. Loving it!

      Wendler bench – warm up 90, 115, 135
      Working sets – 150, 170, AMRAP 190 (6 reps. Went for 7th… Not good) I fear I am already close to my genetic potential 🙁

      Anyhow, great crew for the WOD.
      Had a guest and new person join us.
      Everyone came with a great lion attitude!
      Amy and I false started by 2 min to ensure everyone was on the right page.

      WOD – 14:30 rx’d. Both Amy & I.

  4. Pre-WOD: Wendler 5 Bench Press – 1st Week of Cycle 1 Complete! Bring on the 3’s!

    WOD: 22:25
    Scaled DLs to 185lbs due to # of reps…just not ‘there’ yet to bang out 66 @ 225lbs…getting close though.
    Bar Jumps changed to single-tire Step Ups. This was a time killa!

    Great job Saturday crew!!

  5. Hellishly fun with a great bunch of people.

    Wendler Bench to start

    then WOD – 16:16 @ 180lbs.