Wednesday, March 9, 2011

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If it’s amazing it won’t be easy, if it’s easy it won’t be amazing…If it’s worth it you won’t give up…if you give up you are NOT worthy!


1 RM Overhead Squat


AMRAP 20 of:
5 Elevated Handstand Push ups
10 Pistols each Leg
15 C2B Pull ups

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  1. Elevated HSPU – Hands are on surface (plates/pirallettes) Head goes past hand position. Greater range of motion.

  2. Anyone do this at noon? I hart pistols!

  3. 5- rounds and 16 reps. Chest to bar was so hard. had to scale for Hspu’s and hold on to the pillar for my pistols but they are getting better. Was looking back on when i first started my first work out was the dirty thirty it took me 37?? minutes. last night i finished the filthy fifty in 29:52. Thanks to all the coaches that is a huge improvement. not to mention i was laying on the floor attempting to hold my breakfast in.

  4. Where was everyone??? Only three of us for the 6pm WOD and we did AWESOME but y’all missed it. 🙁 Whats an old man to do? 🙂

    Wendler week 2 bench – warmup 5@50/5@65/3@80
    work set 3@100/3@110/amrap 8@125

    WOD – 4 rounds +23 – finished the round anyway – took another minute
    Pistols felt much better – knees did not feel sore – no running the previous day like last time. Pullups still suck.
    Surprisingly I felt pretty good tonite considering yesterday was my first time doing the filthy fifty

  5. It was like a dead zone,,,zombieland….however the perk is that we got Amy’s undivided attention shared by few people..hurrah….I have just proved that if you hurt in one place ,,,just beat yourself up in another and you will feel better….can’t wait until friday ( I must be sick in the head as well)