Friday, March 11, 2011

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For Time:
6 Rounds for time of:
3 Snatches (135, 95)
6 Ring Dips
9 Toe to Bars


  1. WOD: 19:13 almost Rx’d

    Snatches were 135lbs for the first 7 reps, 120lbs for the last 11. All were slow.
    Serious regression on the Ring Dips due to +10-15lbs of BW. Slow as well.
    Toes to bar are always fun!

    Great job Friday lunch crew!

  2. I didn’t snatch but it was fun anyway!

    Have a good weekend y’all!

  3. WOD: 11:19 with 65lb snatch & band on ring dips. Toes to bar quickly regressed to knees to elbows. My poor girlie hands are suffering… any suggestion to stop my new blisters from burning?!?

  4. Leah – you can always ask Colleen 🙂

    • Check the section on right, Care for body. Good video on caring for your hands. You can incorporate the princess touch to it.

  5. Did this with the 6pm crew.
    Great intensity from this crew. I was going to pass tonight to baby the wrist but the group’s intensity was addictive.

    Did my Wendler Press 3 – Got 4 reps on my AMRAP…

    Did WOD with 95lb squat snatch. Could have handled Rx’d I think…but had to test the wrist.
    Strict toes to bar (strict-ish)
    9:57or 58

  6. I had to do snatches with the bar, ring dips with the #1 band, and knee ups instead of toes to bars… I dont remember my time- but its not important. What is important is that I start practicing my kipping. What a mess!! Good work out though- I kind of loved the ring dips 😉

  7. wod: 11:21 i believe, did 50 lbs on the bar, band on ring dips, managed a couple of rounds with toes up close to the bar, then did knees up

    wendler deadlift got 10 reps at 180
    great job everyone!!

  8. The Ninja’s are awsome……ponytails flying…
    I felt this workout…thank you Amy…hoping to do some more intense ones..
    if I feel good tomorrow , I will look forward to Monday…if not…I will be crawling on Tuesday for sure LOL…fun watching the work out especialy when they went through the motions of the set with Greg…very Ninja like
    looked great…now let me go nurse my muscles…:)

  9. Wendler Bench Press to start, 9 reps on the amrap at 180lbs. WOD: did squat snatches with 75 lbs to accommodate the wrist. Time: Dnf, wrenched something in the back of my shoulder on my final set of toes to bar. My apologies to those that were there as I promptly lost my cool and flipped out about not being able to finish. Was a good wod however and I really enjoyed it until that point, gonna hit the ice and get back to it. Good job to Melissa who did this with me at 5, she killed it!