Gymnastics Seminar

Posted by on Mar 10, 2011 in WOD | 6 comments

Jeff MacRae, CrossFit PEI, will be coming to CrossFit SJ to put on a gymnastics seminar Saturday April 9th. The cost will be $75 and we meet in the morning. Specific time to follow.

We will cover a number of skill, strength and balance progressions. It is a seminar that you will not want to miss. And as always, it is for everyone from every set of abilities. No need to be intimidated … there is something for everyone to learn.

This is a great opportunity to join others from YOUR CrossFit community that you already know, or those whom you have not met.

There will be a social event that evening to follow up on the good times.

Please do not wait to sign up… post interest now and let’s have a great time!


  1. Sign me up!

  2. I am totally in!

  3. Underwoods will be in Halifax, would have otherwise

  4. Definitely!

  5. I’m in.

  6. For sure