Monday, March 14, 2011

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AMRAP 15 of:
15 Deadlifts (225, 135)
30 GHD Sit ups
60 Double Unders

Post scores to commets

20 minutes of mobility work

Mark Rippetoe: Basic Bench Press Setup


  1. Finally started Wendler – squats today
    WOD: 2+22 Rx’d
    Double unders were killer, got 30 in a row *YAY* the first round, but round 2 was a different story, it got ugly

    Thanks for the DU tips Jon!

  2. awesome job this morning Jenn. double unders are a test for everyone when we get tired.

    My take on them (no one in particular just generally):

    – don’t bend your knees to jump cause you’ll land with bent knees and it takes longer to get back up in the air…it’s a waste of movement
    – keep your arms fixed for the most part, flick your wrists and watch that you don’t move your arms forward or backward. it changes the path of the rope
    – take 10 seconds if you keep messing up…if you’ve missed a bunch in a row and you’re getting frustrated you need to catch your breath and calm down
    – don’t throw your rope, you look like my two year old.

    I look forward to this wod today, I didn’t train at all last week cause of my back….

  3. “don’t throw your rope, you look like my two year old”

    I can vouch for this 😀

    As I said at the end of the WOD – getting 2-3 rounds on an AMRAP15 seems humiliating, even though it’s really not!

    WOD: 2 rounds + 45 reps + 80/250m row
    Had to sub 250m row for double unders….

  4. Fun times with the lunch crew today… though our deadlift posterboy was MIA!?

    This one was tough! GHDs took a lot of time… I think I’m going to feel those in my lower back tomorrow more than in my abs!

    WOD: 2 rounds + 165 @ 110lbs with 3xsingle skips. Only 60 more skips away from 3 rounds!!! So close!!

  5. 3 rounds plus 15 DL’s. I feel abused. a week off hurts! but my back feels pretty good!! suuuuweeeet!!

    plus Wendler…which I hope everyone’s doing by now. hint hint..lift heavy, it’s good for you.

  6. 3 rounds plus 10 deadlifts. Did 250 m row in place of the double-unders. Some day I’ll have time to work on those…

  7. “How To Clear a Globo Gym on Your Vacation”

    Step one: Enter semi-crowded weight room.

    Step two: Ask large guy in squat rack if he has many bicep curls left. Yes, seriously it still happens. WTF?

    Step three: Do Wendler deadlift followed by an “inspired Grace”! ;o)

    Step four: Leave deserted weight room

    I dunno why anyone would be put off by a red faced old guy standing in his sock feet sweating like stuck pig?? Go figure.

  8. Atta boy Ray!!

  9. You’re lucky to get through grace without being approached by staff!

    Wendler 5-3-1 week 3: Squat AMRAP = 4

    WOD: 3 + 15 @ 205lbs with a Double Under PR of 52 (+10 from previous)

    I could have probably done Rx’d, but as it was I paused a lot during the deadlifts (trying to make sure I didn’t get sloppy). I also didn’t want it to negatively impact my Wendler AMRAP later this week.

  10. OMG…Amy thank you my lower back feels much better with doing that neck and upper shoulder massage…weird..
    Mike that thing with the ball is way cool…have to incorporate in the work out…need more stuff to do guys,,,need to prespire a lot more…see you all next week for a killer Monday.

  11. Back to the grind after some time off – 4 days
    Wendler DL week 2 – Amrap was sad @ 4*220lbs

    WOD 2 rounds + 35 – did DL with 150lbs – it is getting better at least I did this above the Womens rx’d – working my way up
    The GHD SU’s were tough – considering when I first started I needed to do 10 situps using the rings – I am quite pleased with myself 🙂
    managed 65 single unders in one go – improving – will have to consider DU’s as the singles take way too long on these AMRAP’s

  12. Wendler 3 – Bench Press – AMRAP 205 x 5 … need more strength

    WOD 4 round + 6 dl.


    And Chris, you have a lot to be proud of. You have come a long way in a short time. Happy to see your progress. And now that you get to watch MP suffer a little… that might drive you a bit more.

  13. Wendler-Bench Press-AMRAP 230 x 8

    WOD 3 rounds 20 reps