Tuesday, March 15, 2011

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150 KB Swings for time.
Men: 70 lbs.
Women: 50 lbs.


  1. First one there gets the 70lbs…the rest have to scale. I will be camping out at 11:40…i think i need my own key. 🙂

  2. This is gonna be a forearm buster!!! 😀

  3. I’m thinking teams … one can count for the other… it’s about a 10 min wod

  4. PreWOD – Wendler 3 Bench

    WOD: 10:54 @ 60lbs, full swing

    Forearms just about died around 120….wow.

    PostWOD – various Mobs

  5. WOD – 10:36 @ 70 lbs @ Rx’d

    Went with sets of ten as the weight gets a little rough around the 90-100rep mark. Keep focused and push yourself through this one (i.e ignore the screaming in your forearms and hands!) Good times!

  6. Seems like a good number of people are winding up with some little aches and pains lately. Thought this would be a good read.

  7. wod: 7:56 used 35 lbs to start then went to 30 for last rounds
    Wendler squats: amrap was 7 @ 120
    That was one more rep than last week at 115!

  8. WOD: 9:37 @40#
    This was a good one, hard work but it left me energized! I’m still bouncing around my apartment 🙂 getting lots of cleaning done lol
    Wendler: press 4@65

  9. Wendler squat week 3 – the usual warmup – 75/95/115 then 5@140/3@160 and amrap was 4@180 (really only three as third one was not deep enough)

    WOD 9:42 started with 35lbs did 6 rounds of 15 with that then used 30lb for the final 60 reps.
    Great work Nick with the rx’d – impressively done and it was nice to see Michelle starting to get back in the swing of things
    MP says the Ninjas were rocking this one.
    Jenn are you going to be a 6pm regular now

  10. Did this with the 5pm crew….
    10:02 rx’d… back started to burn a bit around the 100 rep mark.
    Wendler 1 starts tomorrow…

  11. Wendler Press 1 AMRAP = 6

    This was ROUGH. I should have scaled, but once I was 50 reps in there was no going back.

    WOD: 14:27 as Rx’d. A little slow, but I made it.