Wednesday, March 16, 2011

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READ: DO IT BADLY by CrossFit Lisbeth

Teams of 2 complete the following for time:
1.  100 Burpees
2.  200 Box Jumps
3.  300 feet of Overhead Walking Lunges (45, 25)
4.  400 meter run with 45# Plate

Team must complete all reps before moving to the next task.
Reps can be split up any how the team wishes.  In other words you don’t have to do the same amount of work as your partner.

Only one athlete on the team may work at a time, except on event #4, when both team members work together.


  1. Check out the link page posted by CrossFit Moncton…they make a good point…we need more from our spot

  2. Awww I love team workouts! Unfortunately I am sick as a dog and would probably pass out if I so much as looked at a 45lb plate 🙁
    This is what I get for spending the weekend nursing my bf back to health!

  3. Wow! If there’s an odd number of people, who get’s to do this one solo?

  4. Hey crew,
    the CrossFit Open has officially started and the first WOD is out as of last night. CFSJ has a great group of athletes who perform well everyday, and could very easily do well in other environments.

    I will be registering for the Games today, and I sincerely hope there are others who will consider this as well. It’s $10 to register for the next 6 weeks of WODs.

    We can do them at our affiliate assuming we don’t need rope climbs.
    I think some are hesitant as they are intimidated, or don’t want to bother as they think they won’t make it or something like that.

    I think our community has grown together and has become a very strong support system for each other. It would be great if people stepped up and helped represent CFSJ and let people know we are here!

    CF Moncton says it best.

  5. Oh… PS… the WOD this week is:
    AMRAP 10 min
    30 Double Unders
    15 Power Snatches (75/55)

  6. Come on Saint John! If you workout and you have $10, there is no reason why you shouldn’t register. I bet if you don’t have $10, Mike would pay it for you. Now you have absolutely NO excuse.

    Put your name on the list. Join the 16,000+ CrossFitters worldwide. It will be such a great experience.

  7. Anyone having trouble with the registration? I might be dense but I’m trying to sign up…I go to the account creation page, fill it all out then click save changes….then it says there’s nothing in my shpping cart….huh?

    Not sure I can go to Moncton on Saturday cause I’ll be playing daddy all day with the youngins but I’ll get the WOD in at some point!

    Sign up people! Don’t waste the opportunity!

    • I’m having same problem.
      Bring the children on road trip. 10 min WOD won’t be too rough.

  8. Yeah, registration is a crap shoot. I’m getting kicked over to the Shopping Cart as well with absolutely no options or direction.

    According to, their “…IT team is working through final bugs…” of the submission process, which could be affecting the normal registration process. Who knows, but it’s been a frustrating morning to say the least….

    We have until the 20th to register, so hopefully they get ‘er all straightened out.

  9. I’m in!

  10. Wendler 3 Shoulder Press – AMRAP 145 @ 3 reps

    WOD 16:48 (Partnered with Scott)

    Great workout with a fantastic group today! Nothing more inspiring than training with highly motivated and focused athletes.

    I must say, however, that trying to decide where to put a 45# plate, while running, is pretty darn funny.

  11. Enjoyed today Ray, awesome. We split the burpees and box jumps into sets of 10. Lunges were tiring but not as bad as I thought they would be. 400 m run carrying the 45 lbs plate was harder than I thought.

  12. Oh, and I tried that stupid right foot/right hand six thing in the image above. I can’t do it.

  13. Wendler press week 3 amrap 5@90lbs

    WOD – partnered with Greg for this – thank you
    sets of 10 for burpees – I did the first 15-20 of mine better than before – Greg of course did his usual fantastic pace – box jumps started with 10 then we went to sets of 15 – me step ups at 24″
    Lunges – I nearly died – I am just getting my balance for these without weights – oh well just keep going
    Running – used 25lbs – carried it under my arm – seemed to work
    Knees are holding up not bad – our time 23:58

    Greg was the rain coming down hard – is that why you carried a 45 plate over your head 🙂

  14. Hello Guys…very upsetting that I will have to put a hold on the work out until after surgery….we are trying to stretch time so that I can go to Paris first….so the less exercise the longer I can hold the level down…this will mean 2 more surgeries…my own weightloss plan…lol…
    However in the words of General McArthur ” I shall return ”
    Everybody take care and hang loose, I will pop in to watch when I can.

  15. Chris Arsenault and I teamed up for this at 6.
    We split it all down the middle.
    The run was a bit different.
    time 20:05
    It was fun