Friday, March 18, 20111

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Reminder, no session this Saturday. If you are interested in joining us in Moncton, post comment or email us and we’ll keep you in the loop regarding times we head up.

12-9-6-3 reps for time of:

Chest to Bar Pull ups
Handstand Push ups

 Post time and comments

Here’s a ‘teaser’ to “The Spealler Warm Up” from the CrossFit Journals. If you don’t have a subscription to the Jounal, you should invest in one. It’s a great resource.


  1. uhhh….wow…(overhead video), so get me some of that overhead power that those ladies got and I’ll be a happy li’l L1Cert….

  2. Sherri – did you register yet?

  3. If she can register, I’d like to know how she did it!!! 😀

  4. Wendler 3 Squat – This felt like a ton today but was great!

    WOD 3:?? Forgot to write down time, however, this was the best pull up involved WOD I’ve ever done as all the kips were unbroken!

    Good luck to everyone tomorrow and have a great time!

  5. wod: 3:35 i believe, used #1 band and hspu on box

    wendler deadlift, amrap 7 reps at 190

  6. I will be joining everyone in Moncton
    Wendler Bench week 3 amrap 12@130lbs – need to redo this – should not have been that easy on week 3.

    WOD – 5:32 I think – felt the pull ups after the bench today and I was so happy that I did my complete warmup using the #3 band.
    Had to go back to #4 to get chest over bar and even that was a struggle.
    HSPU on tires
    If I lose 20 more pounds I should be able to do pullups – time to bear down on food – already lost 20 – goal is 200

  7. Hey Chris,
    I love your effort on this! I’m not sure what the protocol is when your 1RM’s are off on your Wendler stuff. I’ll take a look in the manual and post next week if I see anything. Maybe you take a day and figure it out, or maybe adjust it based on the a percentage of your amrap, know what I mean?

    Nice to see you meeting some goals, if you ever want to talk food let me know.

  8. Thanks for the reply. I have no problem with making the food, it’s that I like all the stuff I make. What I need to do is be more disciplined.