Monday, March 21, 2011

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Congratulations to those who competed in Moncton this past Saturday. Chris A, Nick O’D, Coaches Amy, Greg PB&B, and MJ. We had Chris W come up for support, and Sherri was there for both family and friends. We’ll leave it up to the athletes to give you their results.

A goal we’d like to set for the month of April: Have everyone work towards a Level 1 status as per the WOD Books. If you don’t have a WOD book…what are you waiting for? We may have a few left.

We are also going to begin recognizing a “Member of the Month” starting in April. A profile/bio will be added so that we can all get more familiar with one another.

We will also have a survey sent out to everyone to get some feedback. Sorry Steve, no suggestion box 🙂


100 Overhead Squats for time (95/65)

10 Toe to Bar penalty any time the bar comes down from the overhead position.
Men:  95 lbs.

Women:  65 lbs.

Post Scores to Comments.


  1. Comment of the weekend: Greg Pattman

    CSI Miami is not realistic at all. A redhead in sunlight in Miami…no way!

  2. OMFG – a penalty on this one!!! – I believe I will be sore, very sore on Monday night.
    I also wanted to let everyone know that I have started a blog on my goal to reach next years Games. It will be a candid look at what I am doing and it will also help keep me on track. The first post is there. You can visit and read all about it. I look forward to all comments.

  3. To see the gallery a bit bette just click on images

  4. Thanks Saint John for coming up to compete and cheer! Awesome effort by all the athletes!

  5. Great job Mike on Saturday’s workout.
    Nice to meet you.

  6. Not a bad workout for my first day back in a week!

    WOD: 10:28 @ 40lbs + 60 leg raises

    legs were feeling a little wobbly on the walk back to work lol

  7. Pre-WOD Wendler Squat Deload

    WOD: 12:02 @ 75lbs + 50 T2B
    Breaks at: 30, 50, 60, 73, 88

  8. on my third week of the 531, did Squats today. Lovin it!

    WOD 11:32 @75 + 60 T2B

    I did 20-15-15-15-15-20
    definitely didn’t want to go back to the bar on that last set!

  9. Wendler Bench (week 3)AMRAP 245llbs 4 clean reps.

    WOD 16:52 @60llbs

    Took time and scaled this WOD as these are a GOAT for me. Pretty happy with result and got to do 70 toes to bar for good measure. ;o)

  10. We’re going to have to rename the Manimal to Patient Ray. Nice work on the ego check.

  11. Wendler DL week 3 – amrap 3@230lbs

    WOD – 11:23 scaled as I have only done OH Squats twice – used dowel to f tune movement – finally got it correct at rep 70 then it went real easy.
    Had to do 60 leg lifts for dropping a dowel 🙁
    Congrats to Dave for his first muscle up.
    The process begins…

  12. First time doing OH squats so did them with the dowel. Managed to do all 100 without stopping in 5:57.

  13. Still sore from the weekend WOD. I scaled as well. Nick’s wisdom coincided with my inner voice. “Scale it today!”
    Did WOD with 80lbs. 13:15.
    Stopped at 20-40-60-70-85-100…. my wrist is fubar!
    T2B took a looooong time for me. Kipping was not working out so dead hang was the option for the 50 T2B

  14. MJ, how’d the new kicks feel?

  15. good…really happy I got them…
    I think the flashyness of the shoes is drawing others to get them….
    Both Matt and Colleen are now showing interest in getting their own “bowling shoes”

  16. …so if we ever do the bowling wod again we’ll be all set.

  17. we should have that again very soon… this new batch of trainees haven’t experienced the pleasure of bowling with Amy… 🙂