Tuesday, March 22, 2011

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For those who wish to do CrossFit Open WOD #1 with intent to submit results, we will be hosting it Wednesday night, at 7pm having judges available. We will stagger the Wednesday noon session to allow those who are registered on Games site to get official judging done. We need to know in advance so we can accomodate. Please do not assume it’s ok to just show up and ask on the spot. No fore-warning…no accomodating.

Today’s WOD

For time:

21 Deadlifts (225, 155)
400 meter Run
15 Deadlifts
400 meter Run
9 Deadlifts
400 meter Run

Post time and comments

10 min mobility after WOD

More pics from the weekend


  1. I just made the mistake of checking the Games site http://www.games.crossfit.com to check my ranking.
    I went from the 40’s to the 60’s…now a 5 way tie for 84th…. sweet!

  2. Shows what 3:49 min of non-activity will do to you in a WOD

  3. WOD – 17:23 Deadlift was 170lb and did all 3 400M runs
    Not a bad WOD for me – improvement on DL wt for the 21-15-9
    Knees feel good actually – legs are tired though

    Tomorrow is a mobility day

    • Where are all the comments? I know Chris wasn’t the only one who did this WOD. More activity please

  4. Jeez. Sorry!

    I think my time was 9:10. The running killed me due to shin splints, but in all, fun work out. Next time we do DL’s, definitely increasing the weight.

  5. Hey gang! Nice meeting some of u at the first WOD in Moncton and at breakfast afterwards. Cool to see those pics up (& awesome to see my little baby-on-my-tshirt made it on your site! Haha) good luck to all those doing/redoing the WOD tonight!!! John CrossFit Moncton

  6. JG…why are you looking at the floor so much in those pictures!?! You look so sad 🙁

    Nice job last night 6pm crew! I especially want to hear how awesome the coaching was….uh yeah….well…at least the change in music!

    FYI, currently ranked 3676 in the world. Where are you?

    • Boo hoo about music. I’m a coach not a DJ 🙂

      • I haven’t looked at rank internationally.
        The # seems to demeaning… But to put it perspective of having over 20,000 registered… Not so bad

  7. 8:16 with 170lbs.

  8. Jon, the coaching was just awesome – puleez I will bring a sticker in for you 🙂 I agree with music selection for first part, Pearl Jam, ect., – did not notice after that,too busy doing DL’s correctly after the first run – did I have legs?? because I could not feel them.

    Mike where’s the DJ :))

  9. wod was 11: something…. coaching was great, getting the back more straight on the DL, did 140 on the DL

  10. lol oh about the music… think i like more of the dance type lol… sometimes even the angry stuff is good lol