Thursday, March 24, 2011

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“Heavy Helen”3 Rounds for time of:

400 meter Run

21 KB Swings (70, 53)

12 C2B Pull ups

Post Scores to Comments.

We will be starting something new at our spot. After each WOD, to ensure people are properly motivated to restore the facility to a proper order, we will be playing this song until done… it’ll be so much fun!!!


  1. Bahahahahahah…

  2. Here’s a youtube post of mr. #1 in the world so far…

  3. Here’s Jason Khalipa’s performance

  4. Hey Mike, can we play this Barney video instead?

  5. Sure…but I think it loses a little bit of the message that was intended lol

  6. Scott,
    I don’t have to watch that video to know that it’s probably dimented.

  7. Pre-WOD: Wendler Deadlift Deload (tried Sumo stance…interesting)

    WOD: 12:23 @ 60lb KB

    Regular Helen PR: 10:27 @ 50lbs November 16th, 2010

  8. WOD 10:02

    Did benchmark Helen for my WODbook and white board. Added three moving van ramp hurdles for good measure!

    Jon and Gregg rocked the big bells today…Great job!

  9. 11:36 @ 50 lbs, looking forward to doing this one again. Nothing demented Greg, just probably want headphones on if you’re at work 🙂

  10. Did my Wendler DL this morning and did 13:05 with the 70lb KB on the WOD. Waaaay of my PR, wasn’t quite feeling it today. ah well, tomorrow’s another day

  11. 12:21 @ 50 lbs with band

  12. Just noticed that HELEN has a much bigger meaner sister called EVA…Yikes!

  13. google Eva T. That’s her. You’ll understand why.

  14. good grief don’t give Mike any ideas lol

    • If I was half as capable as Eva T I would have had 8 rounds last night. She’s a tank

  15. Fun W.O.D this AM. Started slightly Behind Everyone as i was late12:4??? the change from the inside to the outside air was a shock. Spent each run around the Block gasping to catch my breath. which lead to some funny looks as i ran. 45-KBS and un-assisted C2B.

  16. wod: 14:01 used #1 band for C2B and did 400 m rows instead of running… and how wonderful to see rowing in the workout for tomorrow lol

  17. WOD: 12:something.. Used 2 #1 bands for C2B, and rowed 450m instead of running. I still haven’t regained my grip yet 😆

  18. wendler deload weeek – press day – felt pretty good
    WOD – 17:23 did the runs – watched the first lap time – 2:55 that at least gives benchmark – 40lb KB upped it by 5lbs – if I can do 100 KB swings with 35lbs I can do 63@40lbs – started with #3 band and died after first round – then #4 🙁
    not bad – Need to improve the stamina
    See you on the April 3rd

  19. Sherri, Mike’s probably googled worse.

    Mike, if there’s such a thing as a sexy tank then she’s it.

    Nick, grab the big bell next time.

    Chris, au revoir, enjoy the wine!