Paleo Challenge

Posted by on Mar 25, 2011 in News | 18 comments

We are proposing a true challenge, one that is consistent, and measurable. Instead of everyone ‘doing their own thing’ we should all consider doing the same thing so that we can rely and support one another in a common goal, using the same methodology.

We propose the Paleo Challenge. The below link takes you to Robb Wolf’s site that helps you understand the principles of the program and a template for which we can follow.

Robb Wolf Nutrition Link

There are many other information sources that many have used in our community and I’m sure they’ll post in comments.

We simply want to introduce a nutritional structure to our community, both more and less of seniority, and have them assisted in their goals through nutrition as well as our physical challenges.

We will work out the details…but wanted to put it out there as many are looking for the mean/lean look for summer.

Here’s a slide show giving an example of another box doing this challenge.

Potomac CrossFit Paleo Challenge


  1. I’d do it again!

  2. Mum & I started Paleo on Monday, so we’re in!

  3. I want in on this.

  4. I”m definitely in…I’d recommend Robb’s book too. Great resource.

    So Leah, you’re actually giving up dairy?

  5. I’m in. Like I stated in my blog I need to lose approximately 20lbs, will probably be more after I come back.

  6. we starting this on the 1st???

  7. I think the 1st is too soon. We need to actually meet this time and discuss parameters and guidelines.
    These details need to be worked out before we do it.
    And to be a part of this challenge, you must adopt Paleo as the dominant role of your meals to be involved in this. No doing your own thing.
    Meeting needs to be sooner than later…

  8. Can we meet after I get back. I will be in on the 4th

  9. I agree. Doing my own thing usually leads me down a rat hole…

    I can make myself available when ever you guys want to meet. I’m just not available on Saturday 🙂

  10. Saturdays are out for me to, I work :S. Any time Sunday or in the evenings works for me

  11. Perhaps Sunday evening???
    Coach Jon has come up with a great idea that we’ll refine a bit before presenting to group….
    but a meeting will have to be had and will be ‘mandatory’ attendence for anyone who wishes to participate…it’ll be short and an early sign of your commitment to this adventure.

  12. Leah & I are one week into our Paleo “adventure” and so far, I have lost 5 lbs. Leah has caved to a creme egg a couple of times and we are allowing ourselves 3 “open” meals per week.
    This works best if you actually plan your week of meals and shop accordingly – working on the fly just does not cut it!

  13. I’m in for Sunday!

  14. I should be able to meet Sunday evening.

    And yes Jon, I am trying to live without dairy! It’s been a challenge but I’ve only had one small piece of cheese in the past week and a bit (and a creme egg or two…)

  15. I’m going to request that Scott move out for the first week of the plan. I may harm him while suffering withdrawal symptoms from Wine…

  16. I’m in for Sunday! @ Melissa the no wine part is hard!! all my friends thought I was nuts so I turned into a hermit for a month to avoid temptation

  17. We can form a support group Jenn 🙂 I’ve pre-warned them, and am all ready being peer pressured into quitting quitting wine 😉

  18. If we’re meeting on sunday can we also do the open wod?