Saturday, March 26, 2011

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UPDATE: There will NOT be a 9am session. Only 10 and 11.

Saturday schedule.

  • 10am – Regular member WOD
  • 11am – Information session and free trial workout


  • Will be a surprise! Might be wise to bring something for the outdoors.

We will offer an opportunity to anyone wanting to do CrossFit Open WOD#1. We meet at gym for 1pm.
Please confirm interest.


  1. Will there be a sunday session too???

  2. I am also interested in Sunday.

  3. Leah and I did Cindy with Burpees! didn’t have enough people there to do the outside wod… alternated a round of cindy with the other doing burpees, we did 13 rounds + 12 reps i believe…

  4. Yeah where was everyone this morning?! Sherri and I had Mike all to ourselves! Cindy with burpees was interesting for sure! Happy that I did all my pull ups with the #2 band, despite having #1 & 3 ready as back ups

  5. Also, I went to the market after and found homemade, grassfed beef jerky! So good!