Sunday, March 27, 2011

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We will be meeting at 1pm (sorry about last post, was supposed to say Sunday)

The WOD will be the OPEN WOD…last chance to get judged for this one. Also, Sunday is the last day to get registered so if you have even the slightest interest, then do it. $10 for 6 weeks of registered ranking and a touch of competition….it’s not about If you would make it to regionals or not…but just to compete adds that intensity needed.

Sunday, 1pm. Be there to do WOD…or come cheer on/coach those doing WOD…. come show your support CFSJ


  1. To register or submit score goto

  2. Need feedback people…
    there were a number of people saying they wanted to do this again. Please post of send a text to my cell 650-4040
    IF later is desired, send message and we’ll consider

  3. i’ll be there to cheer everyone on!!

    • We have a couple people coming in @ 1pm, and a few for 5pm.

  4. Will be there @ 1:00.

    Mike – will you be registering a team for our box?

    • WOW… Everyone did great. PRs for Ben, Nick, and Mark!
      Great effort every, and thanks goes to the supporters who showed up to cheer everyone on

  5. Don’t forget Heather’s awesome performance!

    5 extra reps move me from 226 to 212 – Was it worth it? Probably not, but it was fun!