Tuesday, March 29, 2011

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Paleo challenge details need to be addressed ASAP. Please comment to post. HERE IS LINK TO PAGE

If you are involved with a team in any way, can you provide contact info to team leader/coach as we’d like to set up meetings with them regarding the SKINS product line.

The CrossFit Open WOD will be posted tonight at 9pm. Judged WOD times will be posted to comments.

AMRAP 20 of:
5 Pull ups
10 Push Ups
15 Squats

Post Score and comments

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  1. Times for Judged OPEN WOD,

    Wed 7pm
    Thurs Noon – Must email first. verbal notice not sufficient
    Saturday – time to be determined

  2. Gee – never thought I say this… but I will miss Cindy πŸ™
    I would have liked to seen the difference.


    The caps were on as I am cheering for everyone as loud as I can

  3. I didn’t know SKINS made produce! πŸ˜‰

  4. ouch I hurt….seriously considered makeing two trips to bring all my crap in from the car. This is a fun one though πŸ™‚
    12+3 rounds using #2 band and the sling for pushups
    Heather did amazing!!! Unassisted pushups on her toes the whole WOD!!

  5. they do…
    potato skins…they’re great wtih cheese, and bacon bits…
    (pssst…thanks Greg, the correction was made)

  6. Cindy, Cindy, Cindy… Benchmark WOD today!

    That means you have to record it twice in your WODbook (for those who have them) and possibly three times if you set a new PR. So the question of course is “who want’s to put a new score (PR) up on the whiteboard today?”

    I’m already stretching at my desk ’cause I’m going to be the windshield today! Who’s in? ;o)

  7. I had enough of Cindy on Saturday thank you!
    Though I did seriously consider packing my gym stuff this morning!

    • Wow strong and flexible. Now that is a badass deep squat

  8. WOD: 18 Rounds (PR!)

    Had to set a PR as I feared the dreaded “Tracey Burpee Penalty!” Those of you who are in tonight beware the TBP…. :o) ha ha ha…

    Today’s effort by everyone was pretty freakin’ awesome to be part of.

  9. Yeah nice work today all! Cindy’s great…except for the pain and suffering…yeah that stuff’s not so great. Anyway 19 + 16 reps…no PR today but pretty happy with how I felt during.

    Man pushups are hard, eh?

  10. I just reread my post…I wasn’t saying ‘man pushups’, I was saying man…pushups are hard.

  11. hahaha… i think we understood that Jon

  12. WOD: 17 Rounds using the #1 band.
    Last time I did this WOD, Jan 27th/11, (Yes Greg I do keep track! LOL) I used the #3 band & did 15 +13. Happy with the PR tonight πŸ™‚

    Great job 6pm crew!!

  13. I got 16 + 5 in on this. The last time I did this workout (also Jan 27), I got 17 rounds in, but that was with the 2+1 band and knee push ups. Tonight I went down to 1+1 and all push ups on my toes. I was pleased to make it through with out puking πŸ˜†

  14. wod 16 + 5 used #1 band. January was 15 + 10 with #1 band. a small PR… it’s awesome being able to see the improvements for everyone!!

    • Got 19 + 24 rounds.
      First 15 rounds we ‘butterfly ATTEMPTS’ they are very much slower than kipping if you don’t have them… Uhgggg

      Just in time for WOD#2 with push ups and box jumps.

      This was a PR, previous was 18

  15. Did 10 minutes of this in an attempt to save some energy for tomorow’s games workout.. Don’t know how much it will actually help as my triceps are fried but we’ll see haha. Got 13 rounds + 21 with all butterfly pullups.

  16. Butterflies….but much faster than kipping if you DO have them!

    • I want to be a CANadian with the butterflies not a CAN’Tadian… Stupid I know

  17. Thank God Deload week is over.
    Wendler 5 Squats – AMRAP = 8

    WOD: 13 rounds + 10 reps + 12 burpees. Didn’t PR this time, which is disappointing, but expected. Underfed, under-slept, and have not been working on my least favorite goat: Push ups.