Friday, April 1, 2011

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A Fundraising WOD for a fellow crossfitter!

A workout from CrossFit Moncton on behalf of one of their members. See Elissa’s story HERE. We will have a collection starting tomorrow and ongoing until next weekend for Elissa.

Hang Power Cleans (135/95)
Knees to Elbows
Jumping Squats (55/45)

Scale as desired, but it’s the nature of the WOD that’s important.

We will have the OPEN WOD #2 as the Saturday session. Please contact us to ensure we have some judges available.


  1. I wish Elissa all the best! I hope she’s doing ok.

    6:32 on the WOD, twas a nice li’l Friday sprint!

  2. Hey nice plug with the Foodee Project!! I’ve been following it for a while now! Awesome resource.

    Hey where is everyone today? there’s usually a bunch of posts by now! Fine I’ll do it for them.

    Shout out to the morning crew Heather (6+4) and Jenn(4+20) for banging out the open wod #2 this morning….so excited about their work output today. They showed me something this morning I didn’t know they had and I’m crazy pumped for them!!

    Nick threw down at noon and did 6 plus rounds himself and fought like a bugger right to the end, so awesome to see!

    Have a good weekend folks!

  3. 6:37 on the WOD, modified to 45# for the power cleans, leg raises, and no weight for the jumping squats

  4. wod: 6:52 did 60 for hang power cleans and 40 lb bar for the squats… this was a good one!!

  5. First WOD this week – great to be back at some MetCon!

    7:07 as Rx’d

  6. Thanks to everyone for the fantastic encouragement today it was huge help in finishing the W.O.D. Thats what i love about crossfit.


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