Monday, April 4, 2011

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For time:
50 Power Cleans (135, 95)
50 Wall Balls (20, 14)
50 KB Swings (53, 35)

Post Scores to Comments.

Few Notes:

  • Leah has joined the Pull Up club on Sunday; video below.
  • We will be participating at the Simply For Life seminar on Thursday being held at the Trade and Convention Centre. Poster on whiteboard at gym. Promote it to everyone….more exposure the better.
  • Gymnastics seminar is this coming weekend! Please indicate once again if you are interested. We would like to have at least 10…don’t wait… get signed up now!
  • We are working on an autobilling system that we hope to have up and running for May.
  • We will be encouraging people to get their WOD Book Lv1 status…more details posted in gym.


    1. Count me in for gymnastics!

    2. I’m in for gymnastics!

    3. In for gymnastics.

      You guys going to have/need parallettes (sp?) built for this weekend? Need help?

    4. will need help…need to get PVC…can you email the Journal containing the building template

    5. Where was everyone this morning??? 🙁 I was being a keener.

      I guess I learned a valuable lesson: If you do not get a confirmation email the night before, do not show up at the CF gym at 5:45am.

    6. Erika,
      You’re right, it’s kind of on demand right now because there’s only two people consistently going in the am. I didn’t know We want to build the morning crew up though so come in tomorrow morning for 6am and we can chat about it!

    7. I didn’t know you were interested, I meant to write….

    8. Thanks Jon!
      Done and done! Although I’ve got a few “modification” requirements due to currently have nothing holding my left shoulder together 🙁 I’m now coaching rugby pretty much every day from 5:30-7:30pm, so morning is the only option for me. I’ll see you in the a.m.! :)))))))

    9. Why do I have that angry old man face icon…

    10. Same reason I have that cool hip pentagon icon smoking a J…I think you need a wordpress account to change the icon. Greg knows how to change it.

    11. Hence my superbad hazy kettlebell swing pic!

    12. Erika/Jon – I’ll be in tomorrow am too 🙂 and Thurs and Fri

    13. PreWOD: Wendler 3 Squats – Cycle 2

      WOD: 13:34 as Rx’d

    14. PreWOD: Wendler 5 Squats – Cycle 2

      WOD: 11:35 as Rx’d

      (and I’ll add this additional line because it’ll be the first and last time I ever write more than Greg in the comments section of the WOD! Ha!)

    15. Time was 12:41, all the 50 lbs KB were taken so I grabbed a 45.

    16. WOD:

      50# bar

      8# med ball

      25# KB

    17. Wendler 3 Squats to start (AMRAP = 7)

      14:14 Rx’d(ish). I didn’t use the 2.5lb plates.

    18. wod: 11:40
      used 80 lbs for cleans, 14 lb med ball and 30 lb kettle bell, thought it was 35, didn’t notice until it was over that it was 30

    19. 11:45 as Rx’d

    20. First WOD back in 10 days – what nice way to start 🙂

      WOD 14:33 – used 80lbs for cleans – just a 10lb ball and 35lb KB
      Did not want to overdo myself for the first day back.
      Gained 4lbs in France – good news is that I lost 1.8lbs tonite – goal was to lose 1lb a WOD for this week.

      Great to be back

    21. This was a fun one!
      got to play in my flashy new shoes.
      Finished 8:10 Rx’d.

    22. Mum, you forgot to mention that you experimented with catching that 8lb ball with your face! 😛

      Did this one at 5 pm… 12:52?? with 80lb cleans (a little bruised on the shoulders and collar bone today), 10lb ball and 30lb KB

      This one was not fun after doing the Open WOD on Sunday!!

    23. So I did 1/2 of this at 5pm. I took my time and did it with the prescribed weight. I even took a minute or two to put my sneakers on after the cleans to do the wall balls. My time was 7:50. It was the first time that I’ve cleaned 95lbs in about 2 months.

    24. 11: something.. Felt great to clean again, wrist held up nicely with 115. Great stuff from everyone last night! I’m in for gymnastics this weekend too.