Sunday April 3, 2011

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WOD # 2 will be a go for 5pm


  1. Excellent!

  2. can we come do it even if we aren’t competing??

  3. Absolutely Leah – c’mon in!!

    Got my first (and second) unassisted pull-ups today!!!!!!!!!
    I believe Mike will be posting the video of my second one… they weren’t pretty, but I got my chin over the bar!

    Then went and did the Open WOD *AS PRESCRIBED* with push-ups from my toes and everything! Managed to squeeze out 5 rounds plus 4 deadlifts, which I was pretty happy about… only hoped to get 3 or 4.

    Great job to Amy and Nick who killed it this evening!

  5. Congrats Leah! Great job to the three who did this tonight, awesome performances!

  6. Damn games site won’t let me submit.. Hopefully they’ll extend the submission period or I’m screwed… Anyone else have that problem?