Tuesday, April 5, 2011

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5 Rounds for time of:
15 Deadlifts (225, 155)
10 Handstand Push ups
5 Muscle Ups


10 Min Goat work


  1. Its awesome to have more people joining the morning crew!! We a total of 4 this morning 🙂 Great job guys!

    WOD: 13:24 (deadlifts @140, HSPU on the tire, MU progressions on rings)

  2. I think that I am going to have to join the morning Crew too. …maybe if I can get up that early.

  3. Hey I didn’t post that….

  4. hahaha its in writting so its official! You have to do at least one morning WOD now 😛

  5. Morning was great!!!

    WOD: a very painful 24:04 (deadlifts @130, HSPU on the bench, dips/pullups)
    Being out for a month = terrible terrible idea
    First hand rip as well… gotta borrow the Dremel from Greg :p

  6. Erika – I’ll even give you your own bit! 😀

    PreWOD: Wendler 3 Press – Cycle 2 – 9 reppers!

    WOD: 29:39 @ 185lbs DL, HSPU @ 35lb plate, MU Rx’d

    The muscle ups made up about 12-13 minutes of this WOD….yikes.

  7. Seriously it wasn’t me….I think there’s a leprachaun in my pc posting things for me….

    WOD: 22:32 Rx’d, did strength in the morning

    Nice job by all today that I saw…morning crew Heather, Jenn, Erika, Alexis and Jeff and nice job at lunch everyone! Open WOD is posted tonight!!!

  8. wod: 19:26
    deadlifts at 145
    hspu on bench
    pull ups no band
    dips on bars

    definitely feeling this one! but it feels great to do the pull ups with no band!

  9. awesome Sherri!!

  10. Wendler Squat cycke 2 – amrap 5@160 – thanks Greg and Amy for the coaching – last reps felt good was as much strain to get up from bottom of squat
    WOD -23:15 – 155lb DL – tire for HSPU – last round was brutal and pullups (#3) and bar dips for scaling muscle ups.
    Dips were awful – could not even get down that far before dropping – that is a definite goat – pleased with pullups using #3 band – will have to go to #2 next time