Thursday, April 7, 2011

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We will not be hosting a 6pm session this evening. We invite you all to come down to the SFL event taking place at the Trade and Convention Centre (Simply For Life Poster). We could use all the support and presence of our members to both participate in the events we will be putting on, and speak with anyone who might have questions about CrossFit and what it’s done for you.

4 Rounds for time of:

  • 20 Hang Squat Snatches (95/65)
  • 20 Pull Ups
  • 20 Burpees

Must establish the hang on the HSS.  In other words, when taken from the floor you must come to full extension and the descend back down to mid-thigh. 


  1. WOD: 35:17 – longest workout to date! :S

    Huge thanks to Jon who stood over me and pushed me through my ‘one-pull-up-10-second-rest’ pull up marathon! But I did not use the biggest band, lol! Moving up in the world!

  2. Good accomplishment Erika!! Well done!

  3. That was a tough one for a lot of people! If Erika keeps this up she’ll be in the pullup club with Leah and Colleen in no time!

    Great job everyone on this so far today….see you all at the Expo tonight!

    I did the Open WOD today, got a score of 37. I can do better but it’s not too bad. Mark (23:1) and Wayne did it as well, awesome work!

  4. Today’s WOD was a huge butt kicking. 26:54 @ Rx – did power snatches for the last two rounds though. Big props to Tracy for tearing her hand up and gutting through it. And because she’s my wife.

  5. SFL convention was interesting.
    Did the demonstartion workout – 1 round of fight gone bad
    Started well – just hanging on at the end – forgot that it was push press not shoulder press – oh well
    The people got to see that all types can do Crossfit
    Great work Greg, Ben and Sherri
    I believe we may see some new people – MP heard lots of good comments in the crowd – especially about Sherri

  6. hahaha… i went home and fell asleep… was pooped out!! it was way too hot in there! i thought it went super! it was awesome to see everyone watching what we do… still think we should have invited some from the other gyms to give it a try!!