Monday, April 11, 2011

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3 Rounds for time of:

  • 10 Clean and Jerks (135/95)
  • 400 meter run

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  1. I says, pardon? 😀

  2. 135/95 is going to feel light for everyone who gave the open wod a go!

  3. I thinks its gonna rain tomorrow

  4. WOD : 14:2…something at 80lbs

    Substituted 400m row for 400m run… the rain really wouldn’t have been so bad afterall…

  5. Nothing yet, lunch crew? You’re killing me….. 😀

  6. 11:?? Something. Rx’d harder than I thought after yesterday, the rain was a welcomed a refreshment each round.

  7. WOD 13:53

    I would just like to thank my sponser’s “Havana Club” rum and Habanos S.A. “Cohiba” cigars for my efforts today… May be a long week! :o)

  8. Wendler Squat 3 and 10:03 on the WOD.

    good times.

    Yall got to check out the C&J from one Alexis Brown….yeah!

  9. wod: 15:40? started clean / jerk with 95, finished wiht 80. did all 3 x 400m runs! haven’t done that for a long long time!! lol not sure about the 4 x 400m runs for tomorrow though… going to have to think about roller skates or something lol

  10. PreWOD: Wender 3 Bench – Cycle 2 – 10 x 160lbs

    WOD: 10:45 Rx’d

  11. 9:36

  12. WOD modified to
    Clean and Jerk @ 60# plus 100m hobble

    Time = 11:48

  13. Shoulders are still in pain, so I did my Wendler 3 Deadlifts, and 3 all out runs around the block with ~ 2:00 rest. Supposedly the first 400 (to the corner) was 1:34, but I’m pretty sure my feet weren’t out the door until 0:04 seconds. This would be a PR of 1 second, but I won’t count it as I’m not positive on the timing.