Thursday, April 14, 2011

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5 Rounds for time of:
12 Overhead Squat (75, 55)
7 Burpee Box Jump, 20?

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  1. Overhead Squats and Burpee Box Jumps???? Cruel!

  2. Mike knew he was going to be away for this one

  3. After the games workout? Geeezzz

  4. 6 am WOD tomorrow morning…

    I’m expecting
    …..and Wayne’ll stroll in with Olivia around 6:25 or so.

    We’re taking over morning crew!!

  5. i think we’ll need to come up with one just for them when they get back lol

  6. Yay! Great job Jenn, Heather, (Wayne with the burpees… eeeee!) and John! I think I was squatting too close to Heather… I could still smell the Cuban Rum 😉

    WOD: 10:02

  7. PreWOD: Wendler 1 Deadlifts – Cycle 2 – 6 @ 310lbs

    WOD: 8:04 Rx’d

    Awesome work lunch crew!!

  8. Wendler 5 Deads – Cycle 2 – 15 reps @315

    WOD 10:59 @ Rx’d

    WOW! Watched Jon chew through the Games WOD toady!

    Seeing someone finish 30reps of 120llb OHS after 60 jumping burpee’s is pretty cool!

    Great effort by all today!

  9. Hey good work today everyone..OHS’s are pretty commonly a goat for a lot of people….keys are active shoulders and tight core for stability…not an easy movement to get but everyone did well!

    Also we should wish Wayne and Jen good luck! Looks like today’s the day! We should keep them in our thoughts and hopeully we’ll know by the morning if we’re welcoming a little girl or little boy! Exciting for them!

  10. WOD-10:47 Rx’D, Jon intense job on the games WOD!

  11. What was your total score Jon? Did you manage to get any muscleups in? AWESOME work getting all those ohs done!

  12. I failed twice to get a MU.

  13. wod: 9:57 OHS definitely not a fav lol… great job by everyone this evening!! tomorrow looks interesting lol

  14. Wendler Bench cycle 2 week 1 – amrap 11@115lb

    WOD – 13:07 – used dowel as I need to get used to holding arms overhead while squatting.

    I think I will start doing alternating the warmup squats with OHS to make this almost second nature. As for burpees … practice, practice, practice.
    Great games WOD Jon 🙂

  15. Didn’t do the WOD today, Wendler 1 Squat: 5 reps, Wendler 1 Press: 3 reps (probably could have pushed out another, but I’m trying to go easy on my shoulders).

    Then played with some Squat Snatches – When I did the open WOD on Tuesday I had more than 4 minutes left to get overhead squats in, but I just couldn’t get the weight locked out overhead. This little bit of work on the snatch didn’t get me there either. I can get the bar up high enough, but I kept losing it either in front or behind.