Friday, April 15, 2011

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Partner Challenge
Teams of 2 Complete the Following for time:
6 x 100 meter Runs
100 KB Swings (55, 35)
4 x 200 meter Runs
100 KB Swings
6 x 100 meter Runs

One athlete works while the other rests. Teams may partition the KB Swings as desired, but runs must alternate.

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  1. Hey keeners out there (I’m talking to all of you!) Check out this MWOD before you go and run tomorrow. Anyone see any relevance here? Yup, we be runnin’! Do it!

  2. I’m sure that video would have been very informative had I not been distracted by his monsterous thighs!! Holy crap!

  3. Brrrrrrr running in near 0 weather…
    WOD: Wayne & Erika (Team Awesome) = 21:?? Having a super fast partner is a bit of a double edged sword, lol! My rest time was significantly cut :p

    Heather – FANTASTIC JOB getting in an overhead squat doing the open WOD after burpees! It was awesome!

  4. Everyone welcome Owen Chamberlain, born yesterday afternoon around 3pm. Wayne, Jen, and baby are doing great. 6 lbs 11 oz.

  5. Congratulations Wayne!

  6. Congrats Wayne and Jen! All the best to you guys!

  7. Congrats Wayne & Jen!!
    Welcome baby Owen! Can’t wait to see some pictures!

  8. Congrats Jen & Wayne!!

    PreWOD: Wendler 1 Bench – Cycle 2 – 8 @ 170lbs

    WOD: Greg & Sue – 15:15
    Me: 55lb KB / run
    Sue: 35lb & 25lb(?) KB / row

    This was a fun one!!!

  9. Fantastic news Wayne and Jen!!! Congratulations.

    Wendler 5 Squat -Cycle 2-

    WOD Tracey and Ray – (Team Burpee) = 14:45

    Finished :29 seconds behing Jon and Scott…Paid the wager in full! :o)Beware of the wager night crew.

    Great max effort by all again today.

  10. Oh yeah, the wager. I liked it so much I forgot to mention it. Sue and I paid up as well.

  11. Crap. Brain fart again. Ray, Jon, and Scott also helped us repay the debt! 😀

  12. Congratulations Wayne and Jen – now you have the complete set!

    KB on the WOD: 35 and 30
    Thanks to Ray, Jon, and Scott for helping make up my shortfall on the burpees – I am going to have to put a reminder in Outlook to eat an hour before the gym!

  13. Congrats Wayne and Jen.

    Wendler Cycle 2 week 1 – DL 4@215
    Greg, I always appreciate the coaching – if I dont fix it now…

    WOD was a three person team of Chris A, Sherri and myself
    Adjusted the reps for three: actual time 22:17
    Adjusted for a 2 person 15:13
    Used 35lb KB and my runs are getting better
    Nice work team – we beat Greg and Sue

  14. Yes you did beat us, but by 1 second not 2! 🙂

  15. ah ha… yes but that’s still the difference of 1st & 2nd lmao… or 3rd & 4th…