Monday, April 18, 2011

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5 Rounds for time of:
5 Handstand Push ups
10 Power Cleans (135, 95)
15 Burpees
20 KB Swings (53, 35)
25 Wall Balls (20, 14)
Rest Exactly 3 minutes between Rounds.

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  1. This was actually a fun workout, although definitely a bit of a marathon! Poor Jon was a trooper; super sick but still there to encourage!

    WOD: Finished the actual workout in 28ish minutes (combined round times of work, not including rests)

    Um… that Meal of the Day looks delicious…

  2. Wow. That’s all I’ll say. 😀

    PreWOD: Wendler Squat Deload – Cycle 2

    4:40, 5:50, 6:39, 6:09, 5:18 = 28:36 of actual work
    HSPU using Abmat/kip
    Kettlebell Swings @ 55lbs
    Wallball @ 16lbs

  3. Wendler 5 Cycle 2
    Bench AMRAP 235llbs x 5 reps

    WOD: 21:42 (Whew, this one will get you heart pumpin’)

  4. Actual work time 22:34. Grabbed heaviest medicine ball available, sometimes 14, sometimes 20. 50lbs kettle bell.

  5. OMG this was not fun! Especially after another week out sick!

    Actual work time was 28:30 with HSPU on the tire with parrallettes, 70lb power cleans, 30lb KB and 10lb medicine ball.

    Those three-minute rests were key!!

    Mike: there was some discussion after the 5 pm WOD and you definitely need to get some yoga nights going!

  6. Actual work tine on this was 30:12
    HSPU off bench
    60 lb power cleans
    25 lb kbs
    8 or 10 lb wallballs

  7. Back at Crossfit Football stuff: squat 3×5 @ 205, press 3×5 @ 115.
    Wod was 21:53 rx’d. Wow Monday wod.. Great job evening crew!

  8. Did.not.enjoy.this!!

    Actual time on the wod was 22 something. I took many a wall ball to the face.

    Is there a morning session tomorrow?

  9. Wendler Cycle 2 week 2 Squat amrap 5@170lbs

    WOD – 33:49
    Cleans – 90lbs ; KB 35lbs ; WB 10lbs – I knew these would kill if used more and I wanted to get full motion ; HSPU on bench – should have used the tire.
    Great work from the 6pm crew – nice size group tonite.

  10. Actually I think your time was like 19 something miss speedy!
    Btw, you should have stuck around, mum & I could have given you a drive home… saved you from the bus!

  11. wod was 22:04 / 70 lb cleans / 14/10 for wall balls, HSPU on box