Tuesday, April 26, 2011

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If you haven’t already, get you name up on the sheet to register for the Paleo Challenge. Details of the event will be revealed Wed.

We will be having a Paleo participant meeting Wed night starting at 6:50pm. All participants are urged to appear.

We are considering entering a team into the Dragonboat Festival this summer. We will be looking for participants and fundraising ideas.

We will also be obtaining some sample t-shirts soon for people to try on for sizing. We hope to get an order going.


  • Overhead Squats (105/75)
  • Burpees (upgrade to jump over the bar version)

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Yell At Your Bar by CrossFit Lisbeth


  1. Yay, Dragonboat Festival!!
    Wendler deadlift day… ow.
    WOD – 11:40 (front squats at 60lbs in lieu of OHS)
    Good workout this morning, but looking forward to a rest day tomorrow!!

  2. Dragonboats sound like fun! Count me in!

    Owwwww…my everything hurts today. Loved yesterdays WOD but it kicked my a$$!!! Looking forward to rest day tomorrow 🙂

    Wendler press day
    WOD ???? did front squats instead of OHS, started w/ 95 then moved down to 75

  3. I am in for the Dragonboat Festival as well! It is super fun and we would have a such a strong team.

    WOD – did front squat @ 90lbs instead of OHS for 11:56

  4. Today’s WOD 14:06. Rx’D did over the bar burpees. Thanks Amy,Greg, and Mike for the help with overheads.

  5. PreWOD: Wendler 3.5 Press – 9 @ 115lbs (same as Cycle 2 🙁 )

    WOD: 7:31 Rx’d

    There are Paleo “Quick Start” guides printed off and on the floor under the Paleo Challenge Sign-Up sheet – grab one if you need it!

  6. WOD – 14:05 @ 110llbs + over bar burpee’s.

  7. WOD: 13:56

    First 44 reps were done as Rx’d, but my form was breaking down on the OH Squat, so I dropped down to 90lbs.

  8. 8:?? At rx’d weight with the lateral jump burpees. OHS are an awesome challenge! Felt great to work on something that’s doable but definitely difficult. Awesome job evening crew, crazy intensity!

  9. Wendler Press 2.3 amrap 3@95lb – I was quietly pleased with this.
    Thanks Greg for the tips on holding the bar – made the press a bit easier and helped with getting it started easier

    WOD -12:33 not very happy with OHS attempts – tried just the bar could not get balance correct – then went to 35lb weight same result – then did with the dowel – still felt awkward – this is definitely a piss off movement that I will have to work on.

  10. Oh I forgot to add count me in for the Dragonboat