Wednesday, April 27, 2011

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For those in the Paleo challenge, we will be having a meeting tonight starting at approx 7pm. All participants are strongly urged to attend.

6 Rounds of:
Every 3 minutes complete the following as fast as possible:
12 Pull ups
8 Handstand Push Ups 
Each round should be done as fast as possible. Do not game – work on speed!

Post Scores to Comments.

Greg and Ray working the OverHead Squats


  1. Why couldn’t this have been a games wod? This looks awesome!!

  2. Those are some very sexy faces gentlemen!
    I gotta start coming back at lunchtime, I’m missing out!! 😛

  3. Nice Pic…
    Those are some quality CrossFit smiles right there! Or an ad for constipation. 😛

  4. I think this will be the only time in history we’ll ever see …sexy faces… and …ad for constipation. referencing the same thing!

    The look on my face and lack of sweat on the floor under me suggests this may have been around the end of the 21 round 😀

  5. Hahah Greg! I read that comment at work and burst out laughing and then had to refuse to explain what was so funny to several children.

  6. Wendler 1 Cycle 2 Bench
    Wendler 1 Cycle 2 Press

    Completed Level One Testing with a 2000m row @ 7:21.5

    Started Level Two Testing directly after row with 100 squats (OUCH!!)

    For those who want to see how their training is affecting their overall athletic performance, I recommend taking a serious look at the Level Testing posted in the WOD books and at the gym.

    Remember: ” What get’s measured gets done.” So Git-R-Done!

  7. Tonight was the first night taking a crack at the new warmup in a group setting. I think it went well (ie – we all got pretty warm) but we’ll have to work out some kinks to get the time down as it took a little too long. Great job by everyone with this!

    WOD Rounds: 0:56, 0:52, 0:50, 1:05, 2:50, 2:37

    Time to go check on my paleo chili….mmmmmmm

  8. Warmup was great, was definately warm and stretched out. WOD rounds: 0:21, 0:26, 0:23, 0:22, 0:24, 0:25. This workout was awesome, lots of fun! Great job evening crew!

  9. Yes the warmup was unique. As long I am not quacking after doing the squat walk it will be a great warmup. My legs are feeling tonight.
    Strangely I liked the junkyard dogs after as it made me do standing jumps – should help with the box jumps.

    Did not keep close track of time for tonights WOD I just wanted to get some rest time between rounds and I accomplished that – was around 1:10 for the first 2 rounds – 1:30 for the next 2 and 1:50 for the last 2.

    Shoulders had a good workout tonight. Awesome job tonight everyone