Thursday, April 28, 2011

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Paleo meeting went well. Electronic documents will be available shortly. Start researching and planning your food before the start of the challenge. Have knowledge and a plan in place and get ready to do this!

FYI…the last available case of water is in the fridge. Once it’s gone that’s the last of available water bottles at the gym. Please pay for what you have owed on the board, credits will be reimbursed.

An invitation has been sent out to people who have expressed an interest in participating in the Paleo Challenge. The invite is for the Google Group designed for us to share info and all that. If you have not received an invite please advise and we’ll see you do.

For time:
100 Squats
80 Sit ups (upgrade to GHD if desired)
60 Box Jumps (24, 20)
40 KB Swings (55, 35)
20 Thrusters (95, 65)

Post Scores to Comments.


  1. If you wish to subscribe to the google group mentioned go to the google box bottom right column.

    or click here

  2. For some reason I can’t access that particular google group at work. I can access other ones….

  3. Try it again Jon…. there was a setting that needed to be changed.

  4. Wendler bench press.
    WOD: 17:45

    After the squats, the box jumps were slowing me down…and then came the thrusters…ugh! But it was a fun one! Mentally prepping for the Paleo Challenge!

  5. How did the shoulder hold up?
    Thruster are always terrible but happy to hear you got through them.
    I’m getting pretty pumped to do the Paleo Challenge as well….

  6. We got the warmup down to 12 minutes today – a 5 minute improvement from last night. Swell. 😀

    Pre-WOD: Wendler 5 Deadlifts – Cycle 3 – 9@285lbs (“370” 1RM estimate)

    WOD: 15:43 Rx’d

  7. I think we can even improve on the 12! Jenn/Erika, we’ll have a run through it in the morning….and time it so we know how far ahead of Greg and his cronies we are!

    Did the open WOD today and I think my lungs actually caught on fire. I was a Night Fury! (how to train your dragon….anyone?) Got a score of 91…I think I needed about a 3200 to qualify….ah well, maybe next year!

  8. I love crossfit….

    Check the picture out.

  9. I liked the structure and pace of the warm up a lot! Great job.

    WOD 11:31 @Rx’d (I was more of a Gronckle today…Oh yeah, I got cartoon cred baby)

    Great work today Jon.

  10. What’s a gronckle? A gross uncle?

  11. Hey Leah stole my comment! it happened again!

    • It’s the power of the spotted boots. She’s on fire with those things.

  12. You will have to watch the movie! (How To Train Your Dragon)

  13. WOD 16:44
    used 20 lb med ball for thrusters

  14. You’re just not observant enough Jon! It must be something on the server at work… I’ve almost commented as you before!

  15. Wendler DL 2.3 – forgot book – AMRAP should have been 240lb – used the WODBook and came up with 225lb – 4@225

    WOD – 23:16 – did all GHDSU, 35lb KB and 60lb thrusters

  16. 19 something on wod at prescribed
    I don’t like thrusters.