Friday, April 29, 2011

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Team Day

Start with 6 x 100 m sprint for time – Alternate team members.

then Rogue vs Practice Team Challenge (March 7, 2008) Posted in CrossFit Journal HERE

Teams of 4 if possible

The workout was max reps in 10min of:
Wallball (20lbs men / 14lbs women) 10 ft target for all.
Power Snatch (95lbs men / 65lbs women)

Only one athlete could be working at each exercise at a time. No other requirements. Rogue decided to work in 30sec increments, rotating through both exercises. Practice dedicated one woman to wallball, one woman to snatch, and rotated the other two whenever they started to slow down (no predetermined time or reps).


  1. Good times this morning!

    Cara and I got 149, relying quite heavily on the wallballs! She did great!

    Hey Jon, do you remember how long that warmup took Jenn and I…???? 😉

  2. 8:19!!

  3. We rocked the warmup Erika!!! hahaha
    Games WOD#6: 15 reps 😀 I got the pull ups!!!!!

  4. Wendler 1 Cycle 2 Deads
    AMRAP 360 x 4 reps

    100m Sprints – Great all out effort by everyone! (Silly van thought he had the right of way… What-eva!!)

    WOD Team (Tracy, Scott, Jon, and Ray) Total = 419 reps.

    Two more days ’til Paleo Challenge.

  5. The look on that driver’s face must have been sheer terror. Casually driving down Union then Megatron appears out of nowhere and transforms into Ray tearing down the street.

  6. First day doing the new warm up really enjoyed it. Did the open WOD today with a final score of 59 wish I could have got that last pull up. I would like to say thanks for the encouragement to five the games a try. I couldn’t have done it with out the great coaching I got or all the encouragent. Thanks everyone.

  7. Nice job Nick…don’t stop here. Join the paleo challenge and take it to a new level!

  8. Oh I snuck over and put my name down. Although I almost scratched off when I heard no dairy haha.

  9. Nice! Nick’s in!

  10. Where was everyone tonight? Only Doris and myself.
    And we had such great turnouts all week.

    Wendler 2.3 Bench AMRAP 11@125

    WOD – team of Three – MJ, Doris and myself – 365
    WE did a fantastic job considering we had only one person taking a break at a time. Mike was the workhorse on the team. Doris had never done a power snatch before and I used the 20lb ball for the first time – so take that day crews