Saturday, April 30, 2011

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11 am – Information session and Trial Workout

10am – Regular WOD

1.  Muscle Up
Choose one of the following (15 minute cap)
A. 30 Muscle ups for time
B. 60 Modified Muscle ups
C. 30 rounds for time of: 3 Pull ups and 3 Dips

2. Shoulder Work

A. Side Plank Reverse Fly. 20 each side.
B. Push Up Y holds 3 x 15 reps
C. Scap Push Ups 15 x
D. External Rotations 15-30 each side

Get Lighter by CrossFit Lisbeth

Take a second to watch this…funny


  1. Would the games wod be an option (if there is someone willing to watch me flail around angrily for 7 minutes)?

    • Tonight? Sure. It’s been a long time since I’ve made anyone flail around.

  2. No no – in the morning, sorry.

  3. You make it sound interesting, I’d like to come and watch!

  4. Sorry Nick, I was checking comments on my phone through app and it didn’t associate your question to this post…
    yup…we’ll get you going sometime in there

  5. wod 1: 16:46 did 3x pull ups / dips, no band at all until the last couple when i tore … dammit was doing so good too, haven’t had one since i started at the gym last september… owwies lol

  6. 62 Reps for the games wod with an extra 3 pullups for good measure. I told myself I’d be happy if I got through the 12 round, but looking back (never a good idea) I should have gotten further.

  7. 21:00 for option C of the WOD

  8. Did option C of Part 1… pull ups with #2 band for first 15 sets, then added the #1 band for the second half. Did dips off the box with my feet up. Matched time with Sherri & Colleen at 16:46
    Part 2 is really kicking my ass right now… I think it must have been those scapula push ups. I am sore in muscles I ddn’t know I had!!

    Great job on the games WOD Nick!