Monday, May 2, 2011

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Monthy membership and Skins payments ASAP

5 Rounds for time of
400 meter Run
7 Front Squats (as heavy as possible)

Front squats are to be taken from the ground, no racks.
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  1. That was a nice early morning run 🙂
    WOD: 15:?? @#80 squats

  2. Games results: reginonals – 214, overall – 4399 lol I’ve got a ways to go for next year

  3. I’d like to get my rank, but the damn CF Games website hasn’t worked for me for about 1.5 weeks now. 🙁

  4. Haha, the run was the better part for me!
    WOD: 15:20 (front squat – 65)

    Day 2 of Paleo Challenge and I’m alive! Jon might just save my life with some Paleo ice cream… 😉

  5. 323 in the region (2226 points), 7862 overall (56714 points)

    And you think you have a ways to go Jenn.

  6. Greg- I know the feeling! this is the first and only time I’ve actually shown up on the leaderboard

  7. The Meal of The Day looks great!
    My mouth is watering

  8. Greg you are #5919 overall and #247 for the region at this time

  9. Had the warmup down to 9 minutes today (6 people)! Gettin’ better!

    PreWOD: Wendler 5 Bench – Cycle 3 – 13x155lbs (“222”)

    WOD: 15:09 @ 135lbs FS

    Tried POSE running on the Charlotte Street portion of the run each round. Going to make an effort to learn this running technique and apply it.

    Weather = AWESOME!!!

  10. WOD: 12:59 @ 135llbs

    This was a very nice day to run!

  11. yeah it’s gorgeous out there today! and it was gorgeous this morning too!

    14:33 w/ 170

    Sad to see the open come and go…3894th overall, about 150th in the region. Maybe next year!!

    Share whatever you learn about pose running Greg, I seem to be able to get it at first but when I’m tired I stomp around like an elephant.

  12. Is there going to be a 6 am WOD tomorrow?

  13. @Melissa – there sure is! look forward to seeing ya

  14. see you in the morning Mel!

  15. 11:56 for Modified WOD
    substituted 2 x 100m sprint row with 30 sec rest for the running
    Front squat @ 40 lb – first time using a bar for the squat.

  16. Awesome job Sue! You’re pushing the boundaries! I love it!

  17. Wendler deload week

    I think I have shin splints. Will need to check with doc.

    worked on goat instead of WOD – overhead squats
    First used dowel – then moved to 15lb weight overhead (ok)
    Tried with bar and not very good – oh well practice, practice