Thursday, May 5 , 2011

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AMRAP 20 of:
7 Squat Sntaches (115, 80)
14 KB Swings (70, 55)
200 Meter Run

Post Scores to Comments.

Sue givener’ on the rower Monday


  1. Girls, make sure you get your food logs in!!! They are due tomorrow before 7 pm!!! We do NOT want to lose $200 for each missing log!!

  2. Running in the rain 🙂 good times this morning!
    WOD: 4 rounds…. not happy with it but snatches are getting better – thanks for the tip Jon!

  3. Amy- I’ll bring mine down after work today 😉

    6+21 Modified snatch squats for power snatches

    Running in the rain was pretty refreshing this morning. Loving the morning work outs- makes me too tired to be rageful at work about lack of wine, carbs and other general fun stuff in my life 😉

    Good job this morning ladies!

  4. I loved the running in the rain…those cars that thought they were pissing me off hitting those puddles…muhahaha, the joke is on YOU! Ok, Jenn, if you got 4 rounds I got 5 rounds on the nose…with a ridiculous sprint to get to the door, Jon cheering of course, to finish the round just as the clock hit 00:00! Where are the cameras when you need them?? Lol!

    Wendler bench press
    WOD: 5 rounds exactly (can someone change that on the board for me?)

    Oh, I’ll drop off my food journal at 5!

  5. I was super impressed by the effort this morning. Erika was bolting out the door on her last round to get in the last 200, Kara was doing some pretty nice power snatches….big improvement from the start to the end and busted out the door to run an extra 200 meters even as the timer was ticking down to 0, Melissa is a natural at the movement…super athletic, and I love the fact that Jenn added some weight and did full squat snatches and didn’t quit even when she landed on her butt a few times…she’s not afraid to fail!

    If you don’t challenge yourself and fail once in a while you won’t improve!

    • Coach B said to me last summer, ” if you don’t experience failure in a lift you aren’t trying hard enough, put some weight on the bar and go for it!”

  6. Awww, sounds like I missed a good time this morning! I didn’t get your offer til this morning Mel, but that’s probably because I went to bed at 9:30 lol! Don’t think I would have been as energetic as the rest of you sounded! I was completely wiped after Tuesday morning and then FGB last night…

    Mum should have dropped my Food log with hers at lunch today… come one girls, let’s get some more points!

  7. Sounds like we’ll see you in the morning then Leah!

    It was an off day for me but I thought I’d go in to try to rack up some paleo bucks for the team. 3 PR’s…C&J, Power Clean and Double Unders!

    Yeah $450 paleo bucks…I want to put them towards steak!

  8. Day off from WODS today in order to knock down several Level Two Testing skills. (once a week commitment)
    There are some nasty nuggets in this level!! Hanging Kite? :o(

    Jon was racking up Paleo Bucks for the boys today. Great job Jon!

  9. Something tells me you’ll get it Ray, probably sooner than later.

  10. Wendler 2.4 deload Deadlift
    Had to look a few times at the numbers for deload on this. They seem so low now after 8 weeks.

    No WOD today – just skill development – OHS and Squat Snatch
    Finally did OHS with just the bar – progress
    then just for sh&ts and giggles I did the squat snatch – success

    Then I did it all over again for the next 15 mins.

  11. 5+14 for the WOD although my squat snatches were horrible. Next time