Friday, May 6, 2011

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 Friday is Paleo Fight Day!

And the first contestant in the men’s corner, Nick O’Donnell,
And in the ladies corner, Erika Nelson

3 Rounds for time

  • 10 Med Ball Burpees (16/10)
  • 20 Leg Raise (must TAP floor, legs straight up to 90 degrees, hip lifts off floor)
  • 30 Kettlebell Swings
  • 40 Squats

Post time and comments.

Now just want to throw this out. You can call out someone on the other team if you choose to. Make a side bet and go for it! Must have call out stated on Google Group at least 5 days before day of challenge.

Interesting read: How Sugar Affects The Body in Motion

Anyone recognize this woman?


  1. Now she has progressed so far, that she can wear funny socks and no one will say anything… oops I better get ready for a butt kickin’.

    Super progress Sherri – you are role model for all of us.

  2. lmao… stop making fun of my socks or i swear it’s a pair for all of you!! good grief… that seems like soooo long ago

  3. Good job this morning Erika!!!!

    Can’t remember my time for the WOD, but actually loved the med ball burpees.

  4. C’mon Erika, I’m waiting to see just how high you’ve set the bar!

  5. Oh we can’t tell you how well she did, that would give you an unfair advantage of a score to beat!

  6. Also, we require that when Nick does his WOD, he uses the same music we used from Jons playlist. Can’t allow him the advantage of angrier music 😉

  7. it’s a challenge not to take a nap with some of it…but variety of good…
    ‘constantly varied” applies to music too I guess

  8. When I saw my name, I will admit, I thought “Are you kidding me?? Challenge 1 goes to me????” but it wasn’t that bad! I thought I had it…till I got to the squats…I am not yet a proficient ‘squatter’. Where was the running when I needed it!!! Dearest Ladies, I tried my best!!! :s

    If I am not victorious, I’m determined to PR something tomorrow to make up the difference 😉

  9. And Yes, Nick, you can only listen to select cuts of Radiohead and Pearl Jam. That is only fair. :p

  10. “That is only fair.” seems to imply that listening to Radiohead and Pearl Jam was somehow inadequate. I beg to differ.

    Get ‘er Nick!


  11. No no no no no! Not Pearl Jam and Radiohead are most definitely NOT inadequate- just not “ANGRY” enough:P

  12. I don’t do angry. Grumpy yes but I don’t do well with angry.

    Radiohead is about as angry as I get.

  13. Jon….I know how you “do” angry:

    Filthy Fifty
    Wall Balls


  14. Oh….yeah I do a little angry. Wall Balls broke my brain one time. They penetrated my impenetrable cool; they severed my proverbial Fonzie…tempered the ice-water in my veins and made me say the F word.

  15. PreWOD: Wendler 3 Press – Cycle 3 – 7@125lbs (“154”)

    Went for a PR afterwards….130×1, 140×1, 150xFAIL…now a story.

    I went for what I thought was 147.5lbs and got it up, did the WOD, and then started writing it all down in my WOD book. It was then that I realized that I, in fact, did NOT PR on my press. The weight of my last attempt was 142.5lbs, not 147.5lbs. Brain on me. Oops.

    WOD: 11:50 Rx’d

  16. wod: 15:? used 14 lb med ball and 30 lb kettle bell

    did clean and jerk tonight to fill in another block and did 100 lbs

    did get a PR on double unders though… got up to 9 whole double unders!!! a PR by 3! another 150 points for the ladies!

  17. Where’s O’Donnell’s score?

  18. Wendler 2.4 deload bench

    WOD – 20:35 Rx’d that is two in a row as Rx’d

    Legs are burning tonight, but I feel good that I am doing Rx’d WODs.
    I may not be as fast as some but I am better than I was the day before.

  19. 12:58, or 59 or something like that – Not amazing, but good enough!

    Also PR’d on Overhead Squat tonight with 130lbs. Failed with 140, but I think I could get it with a few more attempts.

  20. WOD: 17:54

  21. Nice job Nick!