Saturday, May 7, 2011

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We will be having an information session followed by a free trial workout at 11pm.

10 WOD

“Goat Day”
“Goats” are weaknesses or movements that give you trouble. Next to training with Intensity, there is no faster way to improve your overall fitness (GPP) than fixing chinks in your armour. For this WOD pick One to Three ”Goats”. Most Goat Wods will be in the form of an AMRAP 15. For example if you struggle with Handstand Push ups and Double Unders, your workout may be; AMRAP 15 of: 4 Handstand Push ups, 12 Double Unders.

Post WOD and Scores to Comments.


  1. I really enjoy these goat days. If anyone is looking for ideas, last time I did L-sit pull ups, ring push ups (working toward dips), and overhead squats (95lbs).

    I won’t make it in this morning, but I may run a goat day of my own here with pistols and ring push ups.

  2. did 3 double unders / 5 snatches @ 60 / 3 OHS @ 60
    did 8 rounds + 6 reps in 15 minute amrap…
    definitely not my strongest movements lol