Monday, May 9, 2011

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Don’t forget that the Paleo Benchmark WOD is this Wednesday. And we’ll have the second call out WOD this week as well. We have sample shirts at the gym that we’d like an opinion on.

7 rounds for time of:
Every 3 minutes complete:
400 meter Run
12 Toes to Bars.

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  1. I despised this WOD. On the plus side, I can now do toes to bar, and Jon got a taste of my WOD induced tourettes and love of the F word.

    Got a PR today on my clean – went from 70 to 80lb. Someone wanna add that 150 bonus points to the girls team please? Thx 😉

  2. this was definatly a tough one! I didnt even get to finish 🙁 got 6 rounds in before 7am lol

  3. Yeah I agree with the girls… not fun at all! I don’t know who you’re kidding Jackson with doing all that within three minutes! I didn’t even finish my FIRST round in three minutes! But like Melissa, I can now do Toes to Bar (ish).
    Time was 28:25 though I only did six rounds… my hands definitely wouldn’t have held up through another round! They are still burning!
    Didn’t manage to PR on my C&J… made it up to 95lbs (my prev PR) but couldn’t get the bar over my head at 100lbs… caught a bit of the bar on my forehead trying though!
    I believe I have an error on my PRs on the board… under Press I have 95lbs as a 3RM, but I did a 75lbs today as a 1RM so there’s no way that’s right. I think that number is actually my bench press 3RM. Also set 90lbs a my push press PR… 3 weeks to beat it at least once!

  4. This should be interesting. My 400M run on avg is 2:10 – 2:30 guess I will have to move faster somehow – maybe I can grab a ride from someone 🙂

    I have not even thought about the T2B’s yet.

  5. With a slippy shoulder (surgery in 3 1/2 wks) there is no way I was able to suspend myself from the bar, so I opted for full leg/hip raises. I felt awful that I didn’t have to muscle through the toes to bar like those other ladies, you guys are TROOPERS!

    Running is actually one of my favorite things to incorporate into a work out (when it’s not raining) so I liked this one! Couldn’t work on toes-to-bar so I tried to focus on getting each round done in the 3 mins… my rests were down to 1 second for the last 3 rounds!!!

    WOD: 20:56

    Wendler Cycle 1, Week 3 – Front Squat (AMRAP 4 @ 85)

  6. Quick question for those of you who have Do-Win weightlifting shoes – I’m looking at ordering the ones on Rogue’s website sometime this week, and I’m wondering about sizing. There are quite a few websites say to order down a half size from your regular, but Rogue says they run true to size. Did you order them down a half size? How do you find the fit? Is there somewhere cheaper than Rogue (keeping in mind the free shipping)?

    • I got mine along with Jon’s at Neptune Barbell Co.
      $115 free shipping to border
      But my sizing will be confirmed tonight

  7. Nick – I’ve got some Do-Wins and I usually take a size 9 but they are a 9.5, however, they aren’t Rogues. sells shoes for $141.25 CDN (taxes, S&H included) to your door…a bit of variety there if you were looking for some.

  8. WOD: 24:17 Rx’d – could not hold the 3-minute pace though

    Rounds were:
    3:46 – failed here

    Most runs were 2:00-2:20…T2B caught up to me in Round 4

  9. Wretched back muscle spasmed part way through this WOD so I had to stop after 5 1/2 rounds.
    Replaced the run with 2×100 m sprint row
    Did knees to elbows rather than toes to bar
    Time for 5 rounds was 11:27

  10. 27 mins for today’s WOD. Damn toes to bar! But I did find a good running partner by the market 🙂

  11. Arg, this workout was designed for me! Jackson we have to do this one again in the summer when I’m not tied up all day.

  12. I didn’t go in to do the wod but I did go in to work on my clean and deadlift. Did get a PR from 100 to 110 lbs on the clean and I got a PR on my deadlift from 225 to 240lbs! A nice 300 points for the girls!!

  13. Yeah Girls! Keep up the PR’s! I will be there Wednesday after I write my exam.

  14. Wendler 3.1 Squat amrap 6@145

    WOD – 27:17 – a good benchmark for me as I did all 7 rounds of running
    modified T2B with knee lifts.

    A good start to the week – PRs’ will be coming later this week.
    Remember Wednesday 6pm the winning team will get the brownies!!