Tuesday, May 10, 2011

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Reliving the Games WOD #1

10 min AMRAP

  • 15 Power Snatches (75/55)
  • 30 Double Unders

Post score and comments

The look of intensity

Show Me How Low (Ludacris vs. Laidback Luke vs. Steve Angello) by The MashMaticians


  1. Um, it was only 30 Double Unders 😀

  2. It was only 30. I think 60 is a cruel joke.

  3. I guess it felt like more….been adjusted

  4. Not to nitpick, but double-unders first, then snatches.

    • We will be experimenting with the Games WODs to see how we do if it was a little different. More like an experiment.
      Jenn did better with this format, and so did Nick B. We’ll be doing ‘revised’ versions of the WODs to see if we get different results if they were tweaked a bit.
      Obviously we have so far…

  5. I think Mike just wants to forget 11.1 😉

  6. I still have nightmares !

  7. Today’s WOD was still as hard as I remember but I did. Much better. Last timer score was 118, this time 140 so 22 reps.

  8. I. Hate. Double Unders. Repeat.

    They say that when you ‘got ’em, you got ’em’… I have not got ’em.

    Wendler Press
    WOD: 1 + 15 snatches and 16 DU

    On an more positive note, however, I PR’d my press! 🙂 Yay, points for the paleo ladies!! Thanks to Mike for coming in this morning to do the workout… Jon, no more lasagna!!!

  9. Last time 113 this time 180. The double unders worked out better for me this time around but I stuck to the snatch which isnt my strongest movement and for me I feel its slower than a clean n jerk



  11. Wendler 1 Squat – Cycle 3 – 2@265lbs (“283”) 🙁

    I couldn’t quite get my form locked in today for some reason on the squats, and it showed.

    WOD: 4+15

    All double unders unbroken, but absolutely died on the ground-to-overhead portion. Wow.

  12. did 3 rounds + 1 rep, didn’t do the wod the first time. damn double unders… did it rx’d 1st round was one & twos, second was 4’s & 5s, managed to do 3 rounds of 9 on the last round… took forever to get them done.

  13. Wendler 3.1 press – amrap 6@85lbs

    Decided to do some skill work as legs failed me today after yesterdays WOD.
    Worked on the power snatch technique with Coach Greg.

    Lots of little details that need to be fine tuned. Feels like I have lots of power but with a little tuning it would not be wasted.

    Did a PR of 80lbs for snatch – add another $150 for the guys.

  14. Did two plusd 15. Snatches at 50lbs and it was my first wod doing all double unders. I also had a pr on double unders. 20 to 33.

  15. Got 7 + 9…. this one took another piece of my soul with it. I was sweating for 20 min afterwards.