Wednesday, May 11, 2011

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Today is the second Paleo Benchmark WOD. Hopefully more ladies participate in this one.

For time:
100 Pull ups
100 Push ups
100 Sit ups
100 Squats

Post Scores to Comments.


  1. Do the scores only count towards the top 3 if its done as rx’d?

  2. And if not, does that 30% rule from last week still apply?

  3. Yeah, what are the allowable scaling options? For the pull ups I’d be looking at the #2 band and don’t think I can do 100 push ups from my toes just yet lol

  4. … that whole “hang from the bar” position for pull ups…yeah… just not physically able to, so some scaling is going to be totally necessary for moi… how are we going to do this? Did we say that things are modified to your capabilities?

  5. Top 3 times will be used to decide who wins.

    No 30% buffer this week. Body weight movements and scaling will obviously take care of any balancing in times.

    The push up ‘Sling’ is not to be used today.

    Push up on knees is allowable but full range of motion will be expected. (if you have the push up, we want you to do the full push up, both for your own development, and good spirit of what we are doing)

    Ring rows is a good substitution for pull ups (assuming it’s not going to damage you further)

    Pull ups with bands is a tricky situation. In the spirit of what we are doing, I would hope that current band users select a band that isn’t “easy” for them.
    Trainers have a pretty good idea what you have been using and if we think you are increasing band thickness to gain advantage, your score will not be included in the competition this week. I won’t put that on anyone else…I’ll call you out.

    Sit ups… no anchoring of feet, and whichever type you choose, one must touch toes before returning to the floor. Shoulder blades touch floor as well.

    Squats, below parallel is goal. Unless you have a known pre-existing situation, DROP IT DOWN LOW!!! πŸ™‚

    We (Guy = Winners) will not be donating athletes to supplement your team from now on… so hopefully there will be more female support this week.
    Amy is fast, but not fast enough to beat us all

  6. PR’d this WOD @30:34 took 3min off my last time πŸ˜€
    Mods: Pull ups #2 band (last time used 2+1), knee PU’s (same as last time, shoulder is bugging me this week), ab mat situps (last time feet were anchored)

  7. So I didn’t do much to contribute to the “top 3” score today… was last out of the four girls this morning, but I pushed myself on the pull-ups..

    WOD: 31:36 (?) First 50 pull-ups with #2 and second 50 with #2 + #1. Was getting a strange pain in one of my fingers whenever I grasped the bar so that set me back a bit. By the time I got to the push-ups my arms were ready to fall off. Did them from my knees but even then after about 20 or 30 my form really started to suffer. Also realized part way through my push-ups that I got my first hand tear! I have to say it’s way more exciting when it happens to other people… when it happens to you it just hurts! Sit-ups and squats were definitely the “easy” part and thanks to Jon for challenging me to go deeper in my squat!

    Sorry I didn’t get a better time girls! Maybe next time!!

    Melissa: You ROCK!

  8. WOD: 27:40

    Was really hoping for a PR today, as Angie was one of the first WOD’s I ever did at CF, but alas, it was not meant to be! (I think it’s because the first time I used the thickest band and could barely squat at all so flew through?)

    Squats are coming though, the form is actually starting to feel natural, as opposed to me just losing my balance when I go back on my heels! Off day tomorrow… thank goodness because hold my hair dryer up was difficult after all that… πŸ™‚

  9. Pr’d on this one this morning. Got an 18:18 with two #1 bands. The last time we did this, I used a #2 then switched to a 3 halfway through, and did push ups on my knees and ended with a time of 19:39. This time I was able to do 50 push ups on my toes, 50 on my knees. Much better progress. However, My arms are now super sore, and I will likely walk around like a tyrannosaurus rex all day.

  10. PR’d on this bad boy today! +$150

    WOD: 27:59 (PR! by 4:15)

    I still remember the first time I read what ‘Angie’ was a few years ago and, prior to February 9th, 2011, I thought it was something I’d never be able to complete Rx’d. Fast forward just a few months and I’ve done it twice Rx’d and at the same time demolishing my time by 4:15 the second time around. Virtually all of this time was made up on the pullups. Once I get my hack Butterfly Pullups smoothed out, I’ll kill this time even more.

  11. 21:49 R’x…PR at least!

    Nice work today lunch crew…Steve,Wayne,Amy,Greg! Cool to see some cheerers on too (Sue and Leah) although they seemed to be cheering on Amy for SOME strange reason….:)

    Kill it tonight guys! Bring home the brownies! (That’s kind of a weird saying….bring home the brownies….I don’t think I like it.)

  12. Just for the record the brownies were made with Dates, honey, cocao (not dutch process), almond flour, chocolate almond milk and eggs.

  13. How does everyone pronounce cacao? I say it like this ca-COW!! Emphasis included…every time. And these are awesome….

    • You may be putting the em-PHA-SIS on the wrong SYL-a-ble

  14. I always pronounce it Co-co like cocopuffs. Cocopuffs are gross… also yay for Angie I am excited to come in and do this tonight!

  15. I don’t even want to know how quickly you’ll pound out those pull-ups Ben… needless to say I’m happy you aren’t doing the Paleo challenge!! πŸ˜›

  16. Ben…you’ll need a sub-10 minute to complete the WOD in the same amount of time it took me to do the pullups this time!! πŸ˜‰

  17. 13:59. Was doing really well with the butterflies but tweaked the back of my shoulder around rep 85, had to do a mix of deadhang and kipping to finish so it took longer on the pullups than I had hoped for, gotta make sure to warm up a little better. Still very happy though PR down from 14:17. Awesome job the evening crew, lots of people there tonight, great efforts!

  18. 23:16
    did 75 pull ups with no band then went to #1 because of my hand, did 45 push ups on toes then knees, did GHD sit ups. Pretty much screamed after every push up after 50 because my arms were burning so bad lol… didn’t have this one on the board, missed it in February. Every one did a great job!!

  19. 15:38??? something like that. PR anyhow.
    The first things I can remember was Ben coming off the bar for the first time, and answering a question by saying 27…. WTF???? 27 unbroken BFPU. I was on 15…. almost kicked him to slow him down a bit.

  20. it seems the frustration from not having cheats is coming out in the WODS….i like it

  21. 28:05, is it a good sign I’m really sore now ?

  22. …..and the winner is…..?

  23. Considering Sherri’s score, the women crushed us it appears. Unless I’m mistaken, I think the scores went like so:

    Amy 20:49, Melissa 18:18, Sherri 23:16
    Mike 15:38, Jon 21:49, Me 27:59

    Girls Avg Time: 20:48 or 3,743 seconds
    Guys Avg Time: 21:49 or 3,926 seconds

  24. Girls win by 3ish minutes.

    Did things backward today. Wod: 31:33 as Rx’d, but with some ugly push ups.

    Stuck around for some front squats. 20lb PR @ 200lbs. 150pts. Doing my part to offset our loss.

  25. Wendler 3.1 DL Forgot my sheet at home did amrap 5@230lb when it should have been 210lbs after looking at cycle 3 – a good oops I think

    WOD 31:49 #3 band for pullups and they were pretty sad pullups I might add
    Finshed them in 14 mins and change. First time with Angie and I can safely say she will be on list of girls I do not like, right behind Fran, Christine, Annie and Grace – The list is growing – eventually I will find a nice girl and settle down:)
    I hope everyone enjoyed the brownies.
    Morning crew – I live too far out to make it in that early – so to get your share – you will have to see me at 6pm