Friday, May 13, 2011

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5 Rounds

  • 400 m run
  • 15 Overhead Squats (95/65)

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Erika 245lbs…. Nice lift


  1. Nice job Erika!!!

    WOD: 20:?? OHS@#50

  2. Yeah Erika!!

  3. Who are the challenge people today?

  4. MIKE! Jeepers…

  5. Congrats Erika!!!! That’s awesome!!!

  6. SHOOT…I thought it had posted…
    For the girls… Tracy Underwood
    For the guys… Nick Boyle

    Bring the pain NICK!!!!

  7. Good job Erika!!!

    Tracy- kick his ass! 😉

    I am on the injured list- hope to be back by Monday.

  8. Nick was contacted and due to injury, he is unable to play.

    another random pick for the guys team: Jon Ross

  9. Nope. No OHS.

  10. Not me…I’m off the OHS. Unless you mind me front squatting.

    • I’m tied up now and not near names to pick from. Any guys want to do this rx’d.

  11. What the heck is going on with my comments?

    Something came up, I’ve got a meeting at 1 so I won’t be in today.

  12. Greg does! Does Tracy have to do it RX’d?

  13. I may not have a hat, nor a bunch of names on little pieces of paper, but I do have Greg’s google docs spreadsheet in which the guys names run from Row 18 to 26. My random number generator picked 19 – Greg Pattman.

  14. Sorry boys – Tracy’s running overcame the small lead I took early on in the Overhead Squats and won by 56 seconds 🙁

    I think the best part of this WOD was the fact Tracy and I did all of our OHS unbroken!! I was hoping she’d have to put the bar down at some point (or two) and I could capitalize, but she powered through. Congrats Tracy – well done!

    WOD: 15:56 Rx’d

    I’ve always wanted to try this WOD and it’s yet another reminder that over the course of the Spring and Summer, my running will need some attention. It took everything I had not to stop on the 4th and 5th round of running! I was literally saying out loud “1..2..1..2..” for my feet the whole lap around the block.

  15. Awe! Good effort Greg – sounds like you made her work for the win!

  16. Well, after a short burst of tourettes during the second set (my apologies to those within earshot) Mike lent me his wrist strap and Voila…I like OHS?

    WOD 16:53 as Rx’d

    Congrats to both Tracy and Gregg for busting out this WOD today! Great job.

  17. Great effort Greg and Tracy.

    Did the morning crew get the brownies I left?

  18. Thanks for the encouragement Greg.

    I found that extremely rough. My triceps and traps are on fire and I’m having a hard time working on the computer.

    15 mins using 40lb bar. I will try to up the weight a bit next time, but that was certainly not easy for me and I actually had to make noise to get through it. Thanks for the competitive challenge.

    • What?! You didn’t like my assistance when counting your reps? Lol
      You did a great job. Especially being new and tentative… You rocked it!

  19. Brownies??? those were for me??? if theres any left (which after the lunch crew i highly doubt) I’ll come by after work and grab one

  20. I thought they were for the ladies so we avoided them this morning but I tried one at lunch Chris! They’re great! I had one and felt like eating 10 more so I gave the other one to Steve.

    • Brownies disappeared by the end of lunch time. Snooze you lose!
      You can’t leave food laying around with hunters and gatherers present

  21. Only the strong survive – remember this is Paleo – ya cant eat what cant catch

    • Darwinism in effect

      • Greg add another feeble PR for me to the board.

        Squat Snatch. 115 to 125 before wrist said we were done

  22. didn’t do the wod because of all the double unders last night so i worked on my squat clean and got a PR from 80 lbs to 120 lbs! thanks a big bunch Mike for helping me with form!

  23. Between the runs, skips, pullups, pushups, DL and whatever else I did this week, I took today off.
    From the sounds of it everyone had another great night.
    I almost go through withdrawal symptoms when I dont show up, but rest days are good.

    See you all Monday – I need to bust some PR’s