Saturday, May 14, 2011

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Death by cards day 10am…. will be explained upon arrival…good times.

My sister Kara’s birthday… she is working today but will be shown how to do the tire flips and given a chance to chip away.


  1. i had planned on doing this, but still cannot open my arms much. i’ll keep lifting some heavy single hand things and twisting and hopefully see you monday.

  2. Didn’t attempt the WOD decided us boys needed some points. Pr’d squat clean by 15. From 165 to 180. AttemptEd to PR Ovhd squats but that wasn’t going to happen. So then I tried squat snatches and got it by 5. From 95 to 100 :). That’s 300 points for the good guys!

  3. This was a fun Sat morning WOD even though we had a small group… Was nice to see some new faces too! Did Death by Card with air squats, burpees (thanks Nick!), ring rows and sit ups which I upgraded to GHD for “fun” lol

  4. so just how many timre flips do you do on your birthday… mine is coming up in july and i’ll either be 46 or a preteen depending on how many have to be done lol

  5. Sherri, one per year.

  6. Young people always have it easy. lol
    That means I do 54 Sherri, 46 will be easy for you.
    My birthday is on a monday this year so what fine start to that week it will be

  7. I’m a Monday this year too Chris… Though I’ll only have 24 to worry about!