Tuesday, May 17, 2011

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“Goat Day”
“Goats” are weaknesses or movements that give you trouble. Next to training with Intensity, there is no faster way to improve your overall fitness (GPP) than fixing chinks in your armour. For this WOD pick One to Three ”Goats”. Most Goat Wods will be in the form of an AMRAP 15. For example if you struggle with Handstand Push ups and Double Unders, your workout may be; AMRAP 15 of: 4 Handstand Push ups, 12 Double Unders.

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  1. WOD 4 rounds:
    20 DU’s
    15 GHD situps
    10 kipping PU’s

    DU’s were actually ok unitl the last round when I started getting tired. The PU’s are still a WIP, today I worked on getting the kipping movement down and didnt worry too much about height… at the end I wasnt even getting close to the bar lol

  2. WOD 3 rounds:
    20 DUs
    15 GHD situps
    10 Front Squats

    I finally strung together some double unders and in the 3rd round I got 4!! 🙂 Another PR for the ladies! The situps are going to hurt tomorrow… I could already feel my abs by the time I got to the shower!

    Ps. Jenn you are a DU superstar now!!!

  3. I was going to come in & do this after work… was thinking maybe pistols and push presses… but then I remembered I had plans. Also, I wanted to rest myself for tomorrow so I might actually be able to contribute to the girls beating the boys again on this week’s Benchmark WOD.

    On a side note, I forgot to mention that I PR’d on my double unders last night! From 2 to 6! This makes up for my first cheat on Saturday! Starvation and being stuck in an airport with no Paleo-friendly options for 5 hours necessitated eating a sandwich! Now I have motivation to see how much I can improve my DUs in the next two weeks to actually ADD some points to the girls score!!

  4. I’ll be honest…in retrospect… .we should have made Double Under PR’s only count in multiples of 5 reps…. only get a PR for getting 5, then 10, then 15…. 1 extra is good too… but for the competition not necessarily a result of better nutrition as would an increase in strength and stamina.

    Sherri has decided that she won’t be declaring a new DU PR until she hits 25…pretty cool example.

  5. Ok, from now on we’ll go in reps of 5…. but I was pretty stoked just to be able to do more than one! 🙂 Can we start this from today forward, puh-leeeeeeese!!!

  6. I think it’s a good point…although seeing Erika go from 1 to 4 was pretty significant this morning! I’m super pumped about it! Maybe after you get to 5 you go up to 10….something like that.

  7. I agree… though instituting a hard & fast rule of 5 seems a bit arbitrary… I mean I managed 4 more yesterday which was exciting. I think this should kind of fall under the “spirit of the game” category of if you’re going in every day and getting one more DU and getting $150 every day that’s just not right. But if you try and try and can’t get past your PR day after day and then manage to get one or two more I believe that’s legit

  8. i’m not in your contest, but what about making it that your pr is set at the end of every week? so you can only pr a skill once a week at most. you still want to pr it every day but only the best result in the week counts as a pr for your money prize

  9. WOD: 6 rounds + 38 reps
    20 skips
    10 ring rows
    10 HSPU 24″ box

  10. Yes for sure Erika! Your improvement is significant and will be recognized.

    And Leah stated what I was thinking… Spirit of the competition would have people acheive “levels”… not a PR for each one or two extra…. 5 is an arbitrary but yet logical benchmark. And I agree. If someone has been working hard at the improvement for a period of time then a few more than their PR should count. I know if I was even capable of getting + 2 on my PR…I’d take it. But I wouldn’t feel right about coming in every day, and declaring PR for each individual rep.

    I was looking for people to work on strength, power, endurance and stamina seeing that they are fueling themselves better. That would prove to you that this nutrition challenge is making a difference…

    Just sayin.

  11. AMRAP15 Goat WOD:
    6 Butterfly Pullups
    12 Super-fast AbMat Situps
    400m Run

    5 rounds + 8 reps

  12. “Goat Day”

    21- Double Unders
    15- Ring Push Up’s
    9- Overhead Squats (95#)

    WOD – 5 Rounds

  13. Wow at that article. I would be interested to here Tushar and David’s opinion/input on this, especially where David is an oncologist.. Seems almost a little too good to be true doesn’t it? Hopefully my pessimism will be disproved! Great work today too guys!

  14. goat wod:
    5 ring push ups
    10 cleans
    15 gh situps
    did 6 full rounds
    i told gary about the logo and he’s been playing around with an idea… i am not able to draw a straight line using a ruler… lol

  15. Wendler 3.2 Press amrap 5@90lbs

    Goat WOD
    5 burpees
    10 box jumps
    15 KB swings 40lbs

    5 rounds+25
    Burpees have improved almost as much as my box jumps and the KB swings were more for form as I have tendency to use too much arms and the back gets sore. No aches tonight – so small goal was accomplished