Wednesday, May 18, 2011

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3rd Pale Team WOD challenge. 

21-15-9 reps for time of:
Deadlift (225, 155)
Handstand Push ups

Men’s & Women’s Paleo Team Members must perform this WOD as close to Rx’d as possible. Deadlifts, no discretion. Must be done as Rx’d. HSPUs can only be modified by having feet on a platform as high as the two tires stacked to count. (30″+ )  Athlete must keep body perpendicular to the floor. Walking hands away from base and flattening out of body will disqualify your time for the competition. Time to up the ante for us all.

Coming to a beach court near you: HOOVER BALL

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  1. ….how ’bout knees on the tires?

  2. Toes on tires is acceptable, knees not so much

  3. hoover ball?? i looked at the link… holy crap lol… definitely would try it though!

  4. This went much better than last time lol Last time I scaled WAY too much and finished in 3min, this time was 11:26 HSPU on my toes on the tire & deadlifts RX’d….. love this WOD 🙂

  5. Wendler De-load Press (yay)

    WOD: 12:22

    Did the deadlifts Rx’d but did the push-ups off the bench. They were definitely a challenge as Jon witnessed when my arm gave out and I almost got road rash from driving my face into the floor. Not my finest moment.

  6. Frig HSPU’s are a grinder, eh?

    7:53 on the WOD (PR..cha ching$$)

    Congratulations Alexis!! Her Soccer team won!

  7. Darnit Leah stop stealing my comments!!

  8. Someone needs to check the Name and Mail fields before clicking ‘Submit Comment’


  9. See I’m more of a set it and forget it kind of guy though….I don’t check anything.

  10. Did today’s WOD Rx’D Wasn’t originally going to do it Rx’D but after watching all the great efforts thought I should push myself out of my own comfort zone. The hand stand push ups were so tough. After I was done I was happy that I pushed to get it done Rx’D.

  11. Cough…co..time..ugh…cough

  12. Awesome job Nick.

  13. Sorry Greg 18:41 hope that cough clears up.

  14. WOD – ??:?? (clock glitch?)

    Did all the deads unbroken and fairly quickly. Have not quite got HSPU’s so completed on tire’s.

    Practiced hand stand’s after and completed the one minute hand stand hold in the LVL 2 Testing. Will practice this skill at least twice a week until it’s mine!

    There were some impressive performances at lunch and PR’s were re-written…Great job!

  15. Jon (This is Michelle)…I can steal your comments too, your profile shows up every time I try to comment.

  16. Thanks so much for allowing me to drop in this morning. Your gym and folks are awesome.

    Diane is a tough wod for me…deadlifts great, hspu are painfully agonizingly slow. I have been stuck with 2 ab mats for over a year now and truthfully avoid them like the plague. So thanks for dishing up 45 of em this am. Can’t expect to improve at something without working on it! Not sure of my time…10 or 11 mins.

    Again, thanks…hope to see you guys at cfpei sometime soon!!

  17. And clearly not familiar with your site:). Sorry for double post…

  18. WOD: 12:45
    Scales: abmat (about a 1.25″ rise when compressed)

    That’s a 3 minute PR with a 55% reduction on my riser height over last time! Yeah, that’s right, I went all ‘mathy’! 😀

    15:45 Feb 25, 2011
    25lbs plate for 21 reps (2″ rise)
    25+15lb plates for 15 & 9 reps (3.5″ rise)

    Although this was a big improvement for me, Mike absolutely WRECKED, as in Titanic hitting the iceberg kind of WRECKED, his last Diane score…wow! I’ll let him describe tonight’s time and his previous time.

  19. Oh, and great job fellas! We (finally) won a Competition WOD by 2:47 combined times if I remember correctly!

  20. Big day for me.

    Feb 25 11:38
    May 18 4:48… hmmmm not sure what’s different besides the clean eating and feeling better all around.

    I had 2 no-reps in 15 block…Unbroken HSPU for 21…. could be the SKINS stuff too…who cares… 150 pts for the guys

  21. Wod was 5:13. Last time was 7:30. Very happy with a 2+ minute pr. Did 21 hspu’s unbroken the first round and then broke them up as needed throughout the last 2 rounds. Great work to everyone today!

  22. wod: 8:35
    DL was rx’d / HSPU with toes on tire… dammit i hate those lol… everyone did an awesome job this evening… Super attempt by the ladies to take down the guys! Next week… they better look out lol

  23. Wendler 3.2 DL amrap 6@220lbs
    Maybe should have changed the Wendler with bench for DL as that added another 21 DL’s to the night.

    WOD: 11:06 scaled DL 180lbs and tires HSPU
    First time for Diane.
    Did the 15-9 HSPU rounds unbroken.
    Still have found no graceful way to get off the tires when finshed HSPU – LOL
    This will be on my next goat WOD – the HSPU’s not the dismount lol

  24. WOD: 10:04
    tried to do RX’d but only managed to get 6 DLs @ 155 then slowly reduced the weight as necessary to continue… ended up at 135 lbs. Did my HSPUs with toes on the tires – think I need to start working on full HSPUs cause toes on tires felt a little easy!
    Great work tonight everyone! Love my new Skins! The tights are certainly a bit of a challenge to get on though! Lol

  25. lol getting the tights on is a workout all on it’s own