Thursday, May 19, 2011

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Games WOD revisted.

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 15 minutes of:
9 Deadlifts (155/115)
12 Push-ups (hand release)
15 Box jumps (24/20)

Good chance to test your SKINS gear people.

We will NOT be open Monday, May 23rd. Just a heads up.


  1. I’m going to crush today’s workout, I’ve been learning some Crossfit secrets…

  2. Wear it everywhere!!! even on the thrown!

  3. WOD 9 rounds 21

    This is probably the hardest effort I’ve put out this year on a WOD. With deads and pu’s I set a goal of 10 rounds, however, my last set of box jumps probably looked like a one legged blind drunk kangaroo.

    Mike didn’t “no rep” me, but the last 15 jumps were not Rx’d and I’ll have to wait until next time to do it right…

    Great WOD.

  4. Beverly here: long time reader, first time poster hehehe
    Good workout today. I even had energy to mow the lawn when I came home (I’m sure I’ll regret it tomorrow).

    WOD = 4+1 (gotta work on technique before the time can improve =) )
    DL- 100 but dropped to 90 after round one
    Box Jumps- tire (getting alot faster!)

    Awesome job to my workout partner for today: Becky! And a HUGE thanks to Greg for the tips to help me improve my technique!

  5. Welcome back Bev, welcome Becky!

  6. Sorry I missed it! Damn work getting in the way of my crossfitting career

  7. Wendler 3.2 Bench Amrap 5@140lbs – the 140 was my one rep max and PR that I set when I first did started Wendler. The PR will change next week and 150 paleo bucks will be added to guys total.

    WOD – 5 + 5 as Rx’d – I am quite satisfied as this was the first time for 24″ box jumps and with all the DL’s I have done this week, I dont really feel too bad.
    Skins felt great and if I can improve my breathing that would help immensely. Too much sucking air.

  8. Well very first WOD completed! Felt like I had played two hours of football in 15 minutes except without all the hits. I LOVE IT!
    Completed 5 rounds exactly. Gotta start wearing knee pads to protect these “princess knees” apparantly. Thanks for all the helful tips Mike.

  9. Hey Kendra, welcome to our community!! Nice job on the WOD.

    (If you ever want to train in the morning you’re always welcome!
    We go consistently 4 days a week, the off day varies.)

  10. Wendler Cycle 3 Deload to start.

    WOD: 7 rounds, 13 reps as RX’d. This is a 34 rep PR from last time, and I didn’t feel nearly as dead afterward. If only this were on the white board.

  11. Actually that goes for all newbies and oldies, if you think it fits your schedule, come on by the 6am slot. It’s a special time of day at CFSJ!