Friday, May 20, 2011

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Click HERE to see the Regional WODS

“Mike J”

For time: reps of Squat Cleans (135, 95)
200 meter Run between sets.

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Excellent method of learning Butterfly Pull Ups from CrossFit Kinnick


  1. That is a great instructional vid, looking forward to trying this out

  2. Will some of the regional WOD’s be introduced into our shedule?

    They look pretty intense…Awesome.

  3. WOD : 32:??

    So… I found a new goat. Squat cleans. I was so terrible at these I did them with 60lbs and then had to do 2 seperate motions of clean and then front squat. Thanks to Jon for the patience!

    One fun thing is that we decided in honour of the “Mike J” workout, we would blast Michael Jackson’s Greatest Hits in lieu of the regular Pearl Jam 😉 We also decided thaat we’re going to make theme music mornings a regular occurance… look out for 80’s morning!! 🙂

  4. I stopped at 29mins with 2 rounds of running left…knees were killing me…but I finished the squat cleans RX’d. They were tough, my front squat sucks lol but got better as I went along.
    Dont forget 90’s morning! That’ll be a fun one too

  5. I’ve got another theme planned….I’ll keep it a surprise though…hah!

    24:50 on the WOD…I found this one hard (F-Bomb made an appearance!) ….got my butt kicked and lower back tightness is a testament to that!

    @Erika….it came out in the running!

    Hey we never decided on the callout! got to pick two from the nighttime crew, or just draw names….hopefully mine doesn’t get drawn and that awful time doesn’t get used!

  6. That video is awesome, definitely a different approach. Watch those chins though!

  7. Holy lack of commenting today! About 15-20 people did this WOD! I guess no one wants to remember it 😀

    PreWOD – Cycle 3 Wendler Bench: 7@175lbs (“216”)

    WOD: 25:04 Rx’d

    Interesting note: when you disregard the freaks like Mike and Mark 🙂 me, Ray, Jon and Steve all finished Rx’d within 34 seconds of one another.

    Good job 6pm crew (Chris W, Sherri and Tony!)

  8. wod: 27:32
    did power cleans at 90lbs and 200 meter rows instead… lmao…it wasn’t too bad until the rows got soooo much closer together… and this made me sweat big time…

    great job 6 pm crew!!!

  9. Thanks for the compliment Greg but not sure if I earned it yet….
    Running needs work!

    Rx’d 20:48/58…somewhere in there.

    S. cleans were pretty challenging up to the 7 round…legs were burning but when it kicks in that the numbers are getting better…I found a little more drive….unfortunately, the running still destroyed me…. and I forgot my SKINS gear so I didn’t even get to see if it would help.

    Great effort by all thats for sure…

    We’ll have to make up for the lack of call outs during the next short week…one each day….bring it people!!!

    pssst…don’t tell anyone…but I believe it’s FRAN on Wed….

  10. We’re doing 1 callout per week and the week goes from Thursdays to Wednesdays so if we get a callout WOD in on Mon/Tues/Wed, we’ll still be on schedule.

  11. No Wendler today – yeah, sort of

    WOD – 35:and change – 70lb squat clean – the skins do help as legs feel pretty good considering the WODs and Wendler.
    I am always happy when I finish anything with running.

    Rounds 7 and 6 are the worst on the downward ladder as you are not quite at the middle and the legs after doing 3 and 4 rounds of running can feel the burn. Then when you get to the final 2 rounds you are wondering why you did the squat cleans so fast you have no rest from the running.

  12. WOD – 24:53

    Did this WOD with Mike and Michelle tonight and found pretty challenging to say the least. Oly lifts still a work in progress!!

    PS Check out the new top double under record next time you’re at the gym. I witnessed it although I couldn’t ID the athlete due to the gansta hoody….Ha ha ha ha….

    • Lululemon is gansta fo sho!
      The hood acted as the cone of silence. I peacefully hit a PR that will likely be a lifetime achievement 🙁