Monday, May 23, 2011

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We are considering one session during this day. It will be a noon time session and the WOD will be the ABC WOD. We will only open if there is enough interest. Post if you will commit to being there at noon.

This goal of the Atlantic Box Challenge is to do the WOD as Rx’d to post score to website. That being said, get yourself in there and get a workout in.

For Time:

400m Run
21 Pull Ups (Kipping)
9 Back Squats (Bodyweight – from a rack)
400m Run
15 Pull Ups (Chest to Bar)
15 Overhead Squats (50% Bodyweight – from the floor)
400m Run
9 Pull Ups (Dead Hang)
21 Air Squats


  1. Lisa Rogers and I (KJ) will be there. I see things in the WOD that we don’t know….Kipping pull ups, and other pull ups, but I am sure someone will show us what to do!

  2. Game time decision for me.

  3. I will come.

  4. sound like I am too

  5. I’ll never be able to do this Rx’d but I’ll come for the wworkout and moral support 🙂

  6. I’m there! Can’t wait!!

  7. i’ll be there

  8. I do not get CDN holidays off 🙁
    Will be working Monday. I wont know what to after work Monday.

    I am going to have look in the WODbook for one

  9. I found this video about crossfit.
    I hope you enjoy it. We are all trying to beat the clock.

  10. I’m there

  11. I’ll be there ?

  12. I will commit to being there.

  13. WOD: 11:42 Rx’d

    BW/BS: 185lbs
    OHS: 95lbs

    12 people today – fantastic showing!!!! Great job by all that attended!

  14. Greatly modified WOD – 200 m row instead of runs, bands for the pull ups, 40 lb bar for the back squats, and a dowel for the overhead squats.
    Time: 10:11

  15. 11:09 as rx’d
    Back Squats: 180
    Ohs: 90

    Great showing, great effort everyone killed this one. Great job to Kevin, Lisa and Kendra who did an awesome job, especially considering how new they are! Have a good holiday guys.

  16. Ok. So it took me this long to post because I can only move my body now. That was a workout. Thanks for all of the encouragement everyone! Gotta work on that flexibility/mobility for my overhead.