Saturday, May 21, 2011

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Information Session at 11

10 am – Fun Day

There are a ton of things we would like to revist. We hope a good number shows up …. more numbers tomorrow means more fun for us all.


  1. Tire Flip Relay Team “Greg-Sherri-Nick”: 13:57

    Pre-WOD: Wendler Squats Deload – Cycle 3 – 5@165lbs

    WOD: 1/2 Tabata Something Else: 181
    Pullups (butterfly): 33 (11-10-6-6) – 11 unbroken in the first round!!! PR!
    Pushups: 37 (15-10-6-6)
    Situps: 39 (11-9-9-10)
    Squats: 72 (20-19-15-18)

  2. Tire relay with Sue and Mike with a little extra help from Denis? Can’t remember his name, strong as an Ox though. 1/2 tabata something else score : 262. Good workout this morning and the new people did an awesome job!

  3. did tire relay with Greg and Nick. lol i’m definittely a little slower on the flips, but still managed 6-9 flips when it was my turn.

    Tabata total was 151… squats saved me lol… huh go figure

    New folks did a great job!!! Hope to see them back again!

  4. Hey guys, anyone wanna come help me get out of bed and get dressed?

    After my trial workout yesterday and the subsequent emptying of my stomach I took Mikes advice and went home and kept moving,(Did 25 laps walking around the Qplex) while I was sore I made it through the day with only a minor intimidation of stairs.

    So yesterday I did a partial tire relay
    Ringrows : 10-7-6-3
    Pushups : 6-3-2-1
    Situps : 2-1-4-3
    Squats : No idea (This is when I started to feel sick….lol)

    Hope I can move by tuesday 😛
    THanks for everything

  5. Hey Devon – thanks for coming in to try it out!

    They’re not all like that, that’s for sure, but doing those laps to keep moving afterwards helped out more than you know. It would only get better from there, trust me! It’s amazing what 5 minutes and 20 seconds of work can do to a person, eh? 😀

    Hopefully we’ll see you in again! That goes for Sue, Chris and Ryan too (y’know, if you’re reading…)

  6. Sunday, at 2pm, went in to start up my Wendler again….been off the wagon way to long.

    Cycle 2, and it sucked.

    Looking forward to tomorrow’s WOD.