Wednesday, May 25, 2011

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Today is the last Team Challenge day… Call out will be… Amy vs Jon… Amy will be at lunch and Jon during an evening slot.



  • Thruster (95/65)
  • Pull Ups

Post time and comments

Lisa’s shown improvement in such a short time…


  1. So what’s the deal for scaling? Are we allowed to use bands and still have our scores count?

  2. I don’t intend to use them, but I think they should be allowed. That being said – if you can string 3 or more kipping pullups together, i’d say do with out.

  3. When did we do Fran last???
    Last time: 7:30 w/ #1+2 bands
    This time: 6:49 w/ #1+1 bands
    Next time: Rd’d lol

  4. WOD: 6:41

    This had to be modified for me from pull ups to ring rows, as installation of my bionic shoulder is still 2 wks away. Nice to not have a ‘marathon’ first thing in the a.m.!

  5. it’s the best way to start the week … but you’re right…it’ll be nice to have a short one

    For the record, it’s Chris Arsenault’s birthday today…. we’ll help him celebrate if he makes it in

  6. Well that was fun lol… didn’t puke which is good, despite feeling a little nauseated before we even started the WOD haha!

    WOD: 10:42 @ 65lbs for thrusters (very heavy, but was determined to get through them) and #2+#1 band for pull-ups

  7. WOD – 6:12 @ Rx’d. PR from 7:30 = 150pts for the men.

    Any chance the butterfly aficionados doing a weekend “how to” 30 or 60 minute tutorial on technique?? The video’s are great but there’s nothing like hands on to learn a skill. Just a thought…

  8. Wendler 5 squats to start. What a mistake!

    WOD: 8:43 (+8 seconds from previous).

  9. WOD: 5:44 Rx’d Un-effin-believable.

    January 2011: 5:44
    October 2010: 7:00 Level 1 Cert
    April 2009: 6:01 First time as Rx’d
    December 2009: 9:08 band assisted, 65lbs

    However, on a bright note, my Butterfly Kips have arrived!

  10. 4:31, 6 seconds off my PR and 10 seconds off $150 bucks for the paleo callout. ahhh well. PR’d my squat clean by 5lb after the WOD. I’ll have to try another PR this week to make up for it. Nice effort by the folks today, all kinds of PR’s all kinds of awesome work capacity!

    See you tomorrow!

  11. Fran time getting better… or the butterfly pull ups are
    PR 4:03 from 4:41

    Ray, if you come in Saturday we can work on them a bit the first part of the session but a whole lot of time available for a clinic yet. It’s part of the upcoming plans though

  12. Fran – 11:55 with 80lbs and #3 then 🙁 #4
    New PR by 5:36 with more weight – squats are improving

    Sadly the pullups suck big time. I did receive the emails Mike, Greg and Jon – will post recipe on challenge site – nice catch Greg on the toss by Mike

  13. First shot at Fran = 9:27
    …gotta work on those pull ups- #3.
    Used just the bar for thrusters and will be feeling it tomorrow.

    • You did great Beverly. Your abilities and intensity are improving a lot. Keep it up