Thursday, May 26, 2011

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Yesterday, Amy won the call out, but guys won the Fran Challenge….good work by everyone.

Here’s another taste of one of the Games WODs.

AMRAP 20 of:
5 Power Cleans (145, 100)
10 Toes to Bars
15 Wall Balls (20# – 10′ target, 14# – 9′ target)

Post Scores to Comments.

 Happy Birthday Tire Flips for Chris A. And he has us sing for him at the end which I’m sure made it all worth while


  1. For those looking to continue along the Paleo path, I highly recommend this book for its insight into “why paleo?” and also for it’s incredible receipe section.
    I picked up a copy at Indigo last week and am very impressed!

  2. No WOD today – catching up on some Wendler:

    Cycle 4 – Week 1 (5 reps)
    Squats: AMRAP = 6@245 (“294”)
    Press: AMRAP = 6@120 (“144”)

    I’m edging closer to the plateau on these two by topping out at 6 reps on a 5-rep AMRAP day! I think it’ll hit in Cycle 6, but only time will tell!

  3. Toes to bars tougher than expected, first time doing them. Did 9 rounds plus 6 reps.

  4. WOOHOO!!! Killed my score from the open 🙂
    Last time: 3+27
    This time: 6+4

    It was great to see the evening crew! Now you guys have to come in some morning to visit me lol

  5. Awesome job Jenn! did same as Jenn 6 + 4
    did toes to bar 1st round and knees to chest for remainder

    great job everyone, so great to see the bigger crowds!!

  6. Well first thanks to mike and Amy for letting me squeez in. I was super excited to do Fran since it was my first ever crossfit workout. First time through I did 65lb thrusters and 4 band chin ups that by the end of the work out I had to double up. Time was 8:27. This time Rx’D for weight and chinups and time. Drum roll………… 8:27 that’s right exact same time. No PR so sad needed the points sorry Boy’s!

  7. Jenn, luv to do that one day – I would have to get up at 4am to be even close for the 6am workout – 45 min drive to SJ

    No WOD – same as Greg – catching up on Wendler 3.3
    Back Squat amrap 4@160lb after Fran yesterday – had no leg drive on last one – PR on board by 20lbs
    Press amrap 5@95lbs new PR by 10lbs
    Bench amrap 6@145lb which tied my PR and did 150lb for a new PR
    450 points just by following Wendler schedule.
    Thanks Greg for making the “seat” for the squat depth.
    Great Job Nick and I think it is a PR since it was done as Rx’d.

    Nice to see a whole bunch of new people in for fundamentals.

  8. I don’t care what the rules are Nick, it might not count but that’s a PR in my books! Awesome effort man!

  9. Awesome job on fran Nick!!! I’d say that’s a PR! I cant wait to do it Rx’d

  10. I managed to improve my score from the last time
    PR I guess…
    first time – 7+12 reps
    this time – 11 or 12 round +15… either way it’s a pr… Yeah Paleo