Monday, May 30, 2011

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The date needs to be decided for the Paleo BBQ, as we have a few days left. That being said, let’s get those PR’s going and get those last possible Paleo $

5 Rounds for time of:
200 meter Run
10 C2B Pull ups
200 meter Run
5 Power Snatch (135, 95)

Post Scores to Comments.


  1. Great to see Nick & Michelle come out this morning! and thank you Mike for getting out of bed so early to let us in lol 🙂
    This mornings WOD was a messy. I did 10 snatches the first 2 rounds before I realized it was only supposed to be 5… so I ran around the block to make up the runs I missed and ended up trying to do 3 rounds of PU/run in a row and tore my hand 🙁 ….like I said it was a mess lol
    PU were unassisted kipping, but not C2B
    snatch @60#
    somewhere in the 23-25min range with 10 PU’s to go

  2. Apparently we all did our own little versions of the WOD this morning. I thought I only did 5 rounds, but Jenn and Michelle suspect that I treated it as a 28:43 AMRAP, in which I scored 6 rounds.

    Got a few tips for my snatch, which I’m very greatful for! I’ll likely be in to visit the evening crew, so that I can do my Wendler Press.

  3. Well I certainly could not have done ANY more running than this… was wheezing quite a bit come the last couple, but I was pleased with myself that (excepting two short walking breaks) I maintained at least a slow jog throughout!
    WOD was 24:09 (I think?) with #2+#1 for C2B (tried using just #2 but couldn’t keep getting my chest up) and 50lbs for snatches. Probably could have gone heavier on the snatches (they were the “easiest” piece) but I figure it’s safe to wait until I’m really comfortable with my form.
    Gonna have to come in tomorrow to try to get some last minute PRs for the girls team!!

  4. Pre-WOD: Wendler Deadlifts – Cycle 4 Week 1 (5 reps): 8@295 (“373”)

    WOD: 15:04 (3 Rounds)
    Scales: 135lbs in round 1, 110lbs in rounds 2 & 3 for the snatches

    Post WOD:
    5 Skin-the-Cats
    OHS: 110×1, 140×1, 170×1(PR!), 180×1(PR!) [1xBW]
    C&J: 190×1(PR!)


  5. Greg Pattman squatting some SERIOUS weight overhead! Nice job man, looks good on you!

    i did this WOD in 20:37
    PR’d Power snatch after at 150…for +$150! cha ching!!

  6. RE: Paleo BBQ

    Mum & I are willing to host the BBQ at our house this Sunday afternoon (June 5th) or next Saturday or Sunday afternoon (June 11th or 12th)… we even have a covered deck so we’ll be good to go rain or shine!

  7. WOD – 28:23 Power Snatch 70lbs – should have used 80 or 90

    C2B #3 – I suck at pullups – this is going to be a goat WOD inclusion for sure.
    I need to work on some strength training to do these.

    As for the running, if what I was doing is called that, it is getting better.
    Need to do Wendler DL 3.3 tomorrow so that I can rest with a deload week.