Tuesday, May 31, 2011

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Alright, sorry about the last minute change, but in spirit of finishing strong for the Paleo Challenge, we present to you….


Pick 2 lift on the board, that you already have filled in, and go for a PR. We will have from beginning of session until 35 mins in to accomplish this feat.

Then, pick one of the Benchmark WODs on the board that you have filled in, and go for a PR there as well. We will all start our selected WOD at same time. So plan your time efficiently as we will begin at :35min SHARP!

Last chance to get extra points for your team… Especially if you need to make up for some slips along the way.


  1. Happy PR day! Power snatch 170-PR. Did Diane today 7:15 for a PR. Let’s finish strong boys!

  2. How is this going to work for those of us who aren’t part of that challenge? What should we be doing for a WOD? Lisa and I are coming for the 5:00 session.

  3. Deadlift: 175 – 190 still have to break the 200 mark….
    Squat clean: 85 – 110
    Annie: 11:48 – 9:04

  4. @ Kendra…we’ll have you ladies work on lifts and put some numbers up on the board

  5. Front Squat PR (95-100)
    400m Run PR (1:51 – 1:21!!)
    Diane PR (12:22 – 8:40!)

    = $450 for the ladies!!

    I wanted to go for a deadlift PR after, but unfortunately time was not on my side and I had to get in the shower and get to work! I may return at 6:00 to make it count for the challenge; at the very least I wanna challenge that before surgery next week!

    So nice to have a few more ppl this morning! 🙂 (Although Jon’s music doesn’t change… bam! That was for forgetting my ice cream!)

  6. Ooops, Front Squat was PR’d to 110, not 100

  7. Sorry bout the ice cream folks…I made up some cherry-vanilla paleo ice cream last night and forgot it this morning….nice work Ross! If it lasts until Thursday morning I’ll bring it in.

    Great effort by everyone this morning!

  8. Pre-WOD: Wendler Bench Cycle 4 Week 1: 10×160 (“213”)

    No lifts today as I tweaked my right trap yesterday doing a snatch. However, after the WOD I jammed a lacrosse ball into my trap and went searching for the knot. I found it. Then, bearing the pain, I pushed on it and rolled the ball directly over it a few times pushing as hard as I could tolerate. Within 10 seconds of rolling around on the knot in the muscle, I went from having zero ability to turn my head to the left to full range of motion. I know we talk about using the foam roller/lacrosse balls all the time for preventative maintenance and increasing mobility, but today was an eye-opener over and above all the good stuff rollers/lacrosse balls provide: 10 seconds and I was back to normal.

    WOD: “Annie”
    Double Unders

    Today: 9:24 PR by 2:46!! +$150
    Dec 31, 2010 17:35
    Dec 4, 2010 18:10
    Aug 24, 2010 12:10

  9. I tried my DL PR and didn’t get it, also did Grace today, 3:34.

    Keep it up folks!

  10. Prs:
    Ohs 40-70
    Front squat 65-110
    Power snatch 40-60
    Dl 130-150
    Diane 11:32 – 5:13


  11. Oh my god I’m dead. My legs despise me right now.

    Went in for 2nd session tonight to try and best my 180lb OHS yesterday:

    OHS: 130×1, 150×1, 170×1, 190×1 (PR!), 200×1 (PR!), 210×1 (fail)
    C&J: 130×1, 160×1, 190×1, 205×1, 220×1 (PR!), 225×1 (fail), 225×1 (PR!)

    So many people lifting tonight – I love it!!!

  12. Oh, and that’s only +$150 from the evening session for me. I’m not counting the OHS PRs from today.

  13. PR Day – Squat clean – 110lbs – new by 40lbs
    Clean and Jerk – 125lb – new by 30lbs
    Annie WOD – 11:13 new by 5:50 – made up the time with better skips even though they were single unders
    I liked this day – it was nice to just concentrate on a movement or two and then do a short and sweet WOD.
    Doing this once every 4-6 weeks so that numbers can be put on the board would be great.

  14. I was disappointed that I didn’t have any time to work on lifts or a WOD this evening… but was pumped that there were so many people around to coach. We had some come in a bit early to get some extra training before Fundamentals…
    did go for a DL PR… got 435…went for 442….NOPE! After some tourettes I had to leave it at that … I have wanted to beat either Fran or Grace times…but need to take time for myself more often.

  15. Mike, Thanks for taking the time with Lisa and I to start putting numbers on the board. I am excited to see how things change over the next few months!!