Wednesday, June 1, 2011

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Clean Complex
6 sets of:
3 Position Clean + Push Press
3 Position Clean + Push Jerk
3 Position Clean + Split Jerk

Start at 50% of your 1RM Clean, and work up from there.

The three positions are from the top down; 1 – High Hang (aka “Pockets), 2 – Above Knee, 3 – The Floor. After the clean from the floor do a push press. Then repeat the 3 pos clean and do a push jerk and then another 3 position clean plus a split jerk. This equals 1 set. Rest as needed and complete 5 more sets, climbing up in weight every set.

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84 Egg Sandwich – Epic Meal Time

The challenge is over… for now… but how badly does this make you want to hit a McDonalds???


  1. All I know is that I’ve never eaten at Relish and I’m going to today.

    • Get the texas burger! You will not be disappointed

  2. Yummy relish. They have a gluten free bun 🙂

  3. Haha Mum & I have the same plan Melissa!

  4. Melissa?

  5. ooooo get the poutine!!!

  6. Damn… Took me a while to get going this morning! Though in my defense, when I saw that this morning it showed that Michelle had done that first post, not Jon lol!

    I had the Texas burger Mike and it was fantastic!

  7. I just had some Bibimbap from Kim’s Korean. We’ll see how I’m feeling in about 2 hours 🙁

  8. I cannot eat off the Paleo diet; what is wrong with me!? People are making fun of me for getting on the diet and now I don’t know how to get off, lol! I am going for sushi tonight, we’ll see how that goes… fingers crossed!!

  9. That’s a good problem to have Erika!!

  10. Yeah couldn’t go all in either, ended up with the gluten free bun at Relish. I’m happy with my decision.

  11. Seems like most people had a little indulgence today.
    Clean Complex – 60-70-80-90-100-110
    Not bad – need to really work on the shrug with the heavier weights
    The push press was a new PR for the board – no 150 🙁
    Once cleaned – the push press, push jerk and split jerk were not that bad.

    Tonite though I will be spending it with two of my European buds Rob Utussin and Neo Citran.

  12. WOW !!!It feels good to be back…
    3 rounds:15 sit ups, 10 push ups (knees), 15 Bench squats, 10 pull ups
    time 10:33 My first benchmark
    See you tomorrow…Darn skins , had more chance of hip dislocation trying to put those suckers on than the WOD