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Session with Greg 10am


  1. “GI Joe”
    50 Burpee Pullups
    Accumulate 180 seconds (3 minutes) in a static hold on rings/bars/parallettes as fast as possible.

    WOD: 4:57
    Hold: 3 minutes in 11:30

  2. WOD: 5:54 (I think)

    Hold: 3 minutes in 10:50

    Small crew today, but fun all the same.

  3. Cool WOD.

    Hey Nick (or Michelle) post that pancake recipe with the bananas! I want it for breakfast.


    See everyone Monday!

  4. My favorite “paleo” pancakes yet!

  5. Well….hate to say it but these turned out awful…not sure what I did wrong.

  6. Really – I guess I messed them up the first time too.